Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 17

When 101 regained consciousness she found herself in some kind of holding cell stripped of... everything. Whoever had done that was certainly going to pay, but first she had to figure out where she was. She hoped Charon was okay. Had he been imprisoned as well? Left for dead? 101 vigorously shook her head for a moment. First she had to get out of this cell.

The camera near the cell door focused in on her and a voice filled the room. It claimed to be President Eden, head of the Enclave and "leader of this great nation". 101 listened as the voice droned on, "I've been watching you for some time; you're resourceful and quite capable and I have a job for you. Your things are in the locker. Come see me at once." Well that part was easy at least. She had no interest in doing any jobs for the Enclave, but perhaps if she could get close enough to this President Eden... 101 dressed and armed herself before stepping out.

Raven Rock, huh? The Enclave sure had set themselves up in an impressive bunker. Since this "President Eden" hadn't offered an escort 101 downloaded the map to her Pip-boy before continuing. As she made her way down the lengthy hall she checked the other holding cells for Charon. Empty. It seems the Enclave wasn't big on taking prisoners. She prayed to Atom (the only "god" she knew) that Charon was safe somewhere. She thought for a moment that after her capture it seemed suspiciously easy that she was being allowed to walk around Enclave's home base fully armed when suddenly an alarm sounded. "RED ALERT! PRISONER ESCAPED! SHOOT ON SIGHT! RED ALERT!" Damn...

101 wished she had some Stealth Boys, or even her minigun, but she was going to have to make her way to the exit the old fashioned way. Even with the map Raven Rock was difficult to navigate, especially while keeping to dark corners and empty rooms. One room, however, wasn't quite empty.

Anna Holt. One of Project Purity's "scientists". Actually Anna Holt was a double-agent tasked with keeping an eye on Project Purity's progress. She's the one who called in the Enclave's first attack and informed them of the need for a G.E.C.K. Had, in fact, already discovered the location of the G.E.C.K. in Vault 87 using a salvaged Vault-tec terminal that the Enclave had in their possession. "We were working on ways to get through all that radiation, but you solved that problem for us, didn't you?" 101 fumed. (when she had time to think about this later she would find it mildly amusing that with all their resources no one ever connected Little Lamplight as a back entrance to the Vault) She contemplated killing little miss Anna Holt for her betrayal, but settled for knocking her unconscious so as not to draw unwanted attention.

Lady Luck finally showed her face in a big way and allowed 101 to discover Colonel Autumn's private barracks. A quick pick of the lock and she was in. His terminal was protected, but the encryption was weak and within minutes 101 had access to all of his private files. Apparently we have Anna Holt to thank for his miraculous escape from Project Purity's death chamber, seems he and the President had been at odds for a while... oh, but what is this? Buried beneath journal entries, scout reports and a collection of fairly vulgar "poetry" 101 discovered Raven Rock's self-destruct sequence. "In Case Of Communist Infiltration"? This had to be old. She wondered if it would still work... As 101 was inching her way towards the exit she came across this peculiar room. That was some heavy duty tech that begged to be investigated. 101 checked that the coast was clear (all quiet except for that blaring alarm) before ascending the stairs.

So, the "President Eden" that everyone was so wary of was... a computer?! Sort of. It did appear to be sentient and did, apparently, have a job for her. Project Purity would become a reality, he promised, under the control of The Enclave. However, President Eden had a bigger plan in mind. Inject modified FEV serum into the filter; this new strain is harmless to humans, but fatal to the Wasteland's numerous mutations. "Mutations".... this would take care of the Super Mutant problem, but also kill off hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent ghouls. Forget the fact that Eden and the Enclave intended to charge people for freshly tainted water which went against her parents' dream. Her heart ached for both Charon and her father.

101 took a chance entering the self destruct code into President Eden's control terminal, but it paid off. An oddly friendly female voice came over the speaker system "self-destruct initiated 60 seconds to vacate". 101 checked her map and ran straight for the exit hoping against hope that Charon was somewhere (anywhere) far away from Raven Rock. She was fired at, but ultimately ignored, by Enclave troops and scientists who were scrambling to disable the self-destruct. She reached the exit just as the timer was counting down from 5 seconds and managed to get herself behind a large, craggy rock just as Raven Rock first shook then exploded in fiery brilliance. A few troops had managed to escape, but she cut them down quickly before heading back to Little Lamplight and Vault 87. She had to find Charon.

The destruction of Raven Rock may well have been dismissed as "faulty Old World tech" if not for one of Agatha's trader friends who happened to be in the area and spotted "that green haired Vault dweller" walking away from the smoking rubble as if it were just another day in the Wastes.


  1. Good for 101, getting rid of that bunch of self-serving jerks!
    Too bad she got spotted but Agatha wasn't so bad so keeping my fingers crossed it won't hold 101 back :)

    1. I really do need to get back to this... Poor Charon is stuck in literary limbo!


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