Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 16

I'll tell you right now that this isn't one of those stories where burning Charon's contract broke some kind of spell and suddenly turned him into a normally functioning ghoul. Oh, no. In fact, 101 didn't notice any change in his behavior at all as they followed the group of kids to Little Lamplight. She tried not to be terribly concerned; of course it would take time to adjust to his new life. Besides, they were busy playing guardian angels.

101 was noticeably relieved when the group of kids finally reached their destination. She was going to start heading towards the nearby Vault 87, but then curiosity got the better of her. What sort of place was Little Lamplight anyway? What made the kids think they could make it all the way here without some kind of adult supervision or assistance? She just had to find out.

What? Mungo? Turns out Little Lamplight is a sort of settlement run entirely by children; mungos are adults and not to be trusted. "People change when they grow up". Charon and 101 were allowed to enter Little Lamplight only because they had saved some of its residents. "But don't cause any trouble. I'm watching you." 101 was mildly amused by this exchange, but agreed to the terms.

You might think that a place run by children would be a chaotic mess, but not Little Lamplight. In fact, 101 was impressed by what she saw. They had a store, a school, a mayor... everyone seemed to be getting along just fine. Most of the children were distrustful of the "mungo stranger", but a few opened up when they realized she had saved their friends. A kid named Joseph was especially grateful since one of the released kids was his sister. He told 101 that they used to get books and supplies from the Vault, but that the terminal was no longer working.

Before attempting anything 101 decided to speak with Mayor MacCready about the Vault. The Mayor informed her that before the terminal malfunction anyone who went into the Vault never returned. "Only a stupid Mungo would even try. Go ahead, stupid Mungo, I don't care. Just close the door behind you so we don't all get killed." 101 did her best to suppress her agitation and thanked MacCready before heading back to tackle the terminal. "Come on, Charon. Let's cross this one off the list." He waited patiently as she inspected the "broken" terminal. Turns out one of the wires in back was loose. "Stupid mungo, indeed" she thought as the pair entered Vault 87. Being sure to close the door behind them.

Whether it was luck, karma or coincidence; it seemed that was the right way for them to enter Vault 87. Right near this back entrance a terminal indicated that there was a G.E.C.K. located inside Vault 87! 101 wasn't sure what the odds were, but thought it might be Fate that had guided her here. What was that about radiation overloads? Maybe this G.E.C.K. wasn't quite what her father had hoped it would be. If that was the case, then he had died for nothing... 101 took a deep breath and ventured deeper into the Vault.

Seems the G.E.C.K. wasn't the only thing being tested in Vault 87. It was also the Super Mutant womb where Vault-tec scientists tested and re-tested the F.E.V. (Forced Evolutionary Virus) that is responsible for all of the Super Mutants. Was it some misguided attempt to create people who could withstand the G.E.C.K.'s radiation? Or were they trying to create these hyper-aggressive super beast people? 101 wasn't sure, but took care to keep her eyes and ears open so her and Charon wouldn't be ambushed by a group of them.

When 101 and Charon reached the center of the Vault, her Pip-boy's geiger counter spiked dangerously. She checked her Rad-X supply then checked some nearby lockers for a radiation suit when Charon stopped her. "I'll go. The radiation doesn't hurt me." 101 opened her mouth to object then realized he was right. As a ghoul the radiation wouldn't hurt him. "Please, be safe." Charon nodded his agreement and headed into the glow emanating from beyond the G.E.C.K chamber's door. He emerged several minutes later carrying what appeared to be a bulky lead suitcase.

"HA! Doubt any of those other mungos could have managed this. Great job, Charon." They both smiled in spite of themselves and Charon even managed a small chuckle at 101's use of "mungo". 101 supposed it was time to finish her parents' great work and see if this G.E.C.K. was, in fact, the key to Project Purity. As the two headed towards the exit, 101 reminding herself to thank Mayor MacCready on their way out, the unthinkable happened.

Unthinkable, because.... is that Colonel Autumn? No, but... he died... 101 tried hard to think, but the darkness took her, and Charon, while Colonel Autumn took the G.E.C.K.


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