Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 15

Once they were out in the fresh air 101 began to feel a little better. She decided not to tackle another Vault right away. In fact, she decided not to make any particular plans and just walked. 101 didn't even check her map as the pair walked leisurely across the wasteland. She was vaguely aware of how unafraid she had become of travelling out in the open. Charon had certainly proven himself a damn fine bodyguard and she knew that there wasn't much the two of them couldn't handle. She was going to mention as much when she noticed something in the distance.

Paradise Falls... why did that sound familiar? 101 was sure she'd heard it mentioned before, but couldn't quite place it. Charon gave no indication as they approached the collection of buildings. It wasn't until they reached the funnel-like entrance that 101 finally remembered. Paradise Falls. Slaver territory. 101 very nearly decided to give Paradise Falls a wide berth until she turned to check on Charon and saw that he was just standing there, staring blankly at Paradise Falls. He had gone... catatonic. Just standing there. Staring!

A white hot raged filled 101. Slavers. The full weight of their actions became abundantly clear to 101 when she witnessed Charon's reaction to the place. How could they do this to people?! At least the Super Mutants and Raiders killed the people they came across. Slavers did... this! Forced people into subservience. For what? Caps?! 101 felt an almost surreal calm wash over her; she knew what she had to do. The guards at the entrance, predictably, tried to stop her. One shot each and they were down. Slavers. She almost laughed. They probably spent all this time thinking they were untouchable. It was high time they were proven dead wrong.

This was the day that 101 truly became a legend. Slaves watched in not-quite-hopeful fascination as this green-haired Vault dweller methodically made her way through Paradise Falls. "She killed three Slavers with one shot!" "I swear, she was dodging bullets" "We were saved by a blue angel" The truth is, simply, that 101's seething anger and righteous determination allowed her Synth components to work at peak efficiency without that pesky "you're human and humans can't do this" programming. That doesn't make a very good story, though, does it?

Once every last Slaver in Paradise Falls (there were surely more out in the wastes) was dead on the ground 101 started coming slowly back to herself. Which was good because these slaves hadn't been brainwashed into compliance; they were wearing shock collars. 101 was sickened by this, but forced herself to focus on disarming them. She noticed some wires running through the fences and followed them to a terminal hidden in a shack. Stupid Slavers. "Be aware the slave collars are susceptible to severe water damage. DO NOT TRANSPORT SLAVES ACROSS WATER."

As 101 was leaving, bottled water in hand, to free the slaves she noticed this odd Vault suit. Vault 77? That wasn't on the list. With a shrug she collected the suit and got to work freeing all of the slaves from Paradise Falls. She was, admittedly, grateful that none of them asked for further help; simply running off, presumably back to wherever they had been taken from. A few of the children mentioned a place called Little Lamplight. Once she was certain her work was done 101 left Paradise Falls and collected Charon who was still standing outside. "Come on. We're getting out of here." Thankfully Charon snapped back to life and the two of them headed west. A quick map check told her that Little Lamplight was pretty far to the west and she wanted to keep an eye on the kids. First, however, there was one thing she had to do.

Charon watched as 101 showed him his contract before throwing it into the fire. She didn't expect that he would blow her head off as he had Ahzrukhal's, but her heart beat a little faster all the same. Charon merely stood there stone-faced, as if he wasn't sure what to do. "You are not my slave," she said. "You'll never be anyone's slave ever again. I'm going to make sure those kids make it home safe. Do you want to come with me?" 101 wasn't sure what to expect, but she waited patiently until Charon finally managed a reply. "Yes." 101 smiled, nodded, and the pair set off to keep an eye on the kids as they all made their way to Little Lamplight.


  1. YES!! Now they can become real friends instead of master and slave... good job, 101!

    1. This is one of my favorite parts to her story. ^_^


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