Friday, October 7, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 13

The next morning 101 thanked Agatha for her incredible hospitality. "Don't worry, dear. You've obviously been through a lot and needed the rest." Agatha saw the pair out and went back to enjoying her Stradivarius. With no pressing concerns and nowhere she needed to be, 101 thought back to the list of Vaults she had retrieved from the Vault-tec servers. Vault 92 wasn't too bad... the white noise thing was a little odd, but at least it hadn't affected her or Charon as far as she was aware. 101 consulted her Pip-boy map and decided they should check out Vault 108 in the east. She didn't bother asking Charon, but politely informed him to which he predictably replied, "I'll follow wherever you go". This trip was much like the last; 101 carried on most of the conversation while Charon grunted his noncommittal responses. 101 thought, perhaps, that she was noticing a distinction between his grunts, but that could have been her imagination.

They reached Vault 108 without running into Talon Company or any Enclave attack squads, just a handful of feral ghouls and a lone Radscorpion. Perhaps 101 had been forgotten about. Probably not, but either way it was unlikely anyone would come after her in this Vault. The open door gave 101 little reason to believe it was inhabited and the entryway didn't exactly fill her with hope.

Something bad had happened here, but what? There was only one way to find out. The Vault itself was rather straightforward. Not so much by design, but by the fact that so many doors were jammed or blocked off by furniture. Following the only path led 101 and Charon into the living quarters where the only sound they could hear was a confused, and very angry, voice ask, "Gary?". Gary? 101 turned to see a crazed man coming at her with a pipe. Charon dispatched him quickly before he could get too close. Then another from behind. "Gary?" Dead. "GARY!!" Again, Charon to the rescue. What was going on here? 101 couldn't keep up. Fortunately Charon's reflexes were sharp and his aim true. When the pair were sure they were, at least momentarily, safe 101 inspected the carnage.

All of the people in this Vault were named Gary? They all look alike, too. Could they be clones? Why would they only say "Gary", though? This was certainly a compelling, if somewhat disturbing, mystery. 101 and Charon walked silently through the dingy corridors keeping alert for more cries of "Gary". Now that they knew what to look for 101 was more helpful when they ran into a deranged "Gary". There weren't many more after the initial onslaught, but it was still unnerving to hear the echoes of "Gary" in the otherwise empty halls. Aside from an unusually high amount of dishes laying around, there didn't seem to be much here. Just lots of dishes and, even more strange, not a single working terminal. Not even in the "Cloning Lab".

Were all of these Garys cloning themselves? 101 thought back to her own Vault for a moment, trying to recall anything as out of the ordinary as what she'd experienced recently. Nothing came immediately to mind. "Charon? Why would Vault-tec want an army of cloned Garys?" She wasn't sure, but it seemed Charon was almost sad as he lowered his eyes and shook his head to indicate that he, too, had no idea. With no sane person around and no working terminals it seemed that was one question that would not get an answer. As they headed back to the exit Charon noticed something poking out from behind an overturned chair. 101 waited as he picked up a holotape and handed it to her.

101 wasn't sure how to react at first, then a smile spread across her face. Charon had found the one piece of evidence that there had, at one time, been non-Garys in Vault 108. At the very least there was this Dr Peterson. Any other inhabitants must have been killed off as the clones became more and more hostile. It didn't explain why they were cloning Gary, but it was something! Not only that, Charon had found it and given it to her. He wasn't just mindlessly following her around and killing things. He was paying attention. She looked up at him and tried to hold back tears. "Thank you, Charon! This was a really great find. I bet no one else ever would have noticed it sitting there. Hey, let's go check out another Vault!". 101 had a feeling no one had ever been nice to him before, so she started walking instead of waiting around for what would surely be an awkward response to her overly friendly outburst. 101 decided they should make camp near the Vault entrance, far from the dead Garys, and seek out Vault 106 in the morning. For the first time in a long time 101 slept easily and with a smile on her face. She didn't know it, but Charon even managed a little smile of his own.


  1. Another ending that made me smile! :)

    1. hehehe I think you're really going to like the next one, too. ^_^


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