Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 12

Any hope that 101 may have had that Vault 92 was still inhabited was squashed as soon as they discovered the Vault entrance already open; the inside showing obvious signs of decay.

101 and Charon made their way carefully through the Vault. With the door open any number of creatures could have made their home inside. The further they explored the less likely it seemed that they would find the violin intact, but that didn't mean they couldn't at least figure out what happened. If they could.

It appeared that Vault 92 must have been heavily raided as there was little evidence that anybody had ever lived there at all. A handful of working terminals hinted at a budding romance between a sound technician and a "red-headed violinist"; perhaps Agatha's ancestor? As intriguing as that bit of information was, 101 became a little uneasy at mentions of "sound experiments" and "white noise" and "new security protocols". What was Vault-tec up to, anyway? At least, she tried to rationalize, there didn't seem to be any creepy stasis pods around.

As the pair descended into the basement it became apparent that there was more wrong with this Vault than whatever little experiment Vault-tec had in mind. The whole basement was flooded and a surprisingly functional maintenance terminal had records of cracks appearing in the foundation appearing as early as 2095. Not even 20 years after the Vault was sealed. 101 tried not to focus too much on what sort of chance that left a bunch of musicians, instead backtracking to the living quarters and "Sound Studio" on the other side of the Vault.

That was certainly unnerving. 101 promised not to do that again and Charon grunted his... approval? She wasn't sure. Still, she was glad to have him both for company and to help clear out the Mirelurks that had nested all over the Vault. Without him it's possible that no one would know the true intended purpose of Vault 92. The Overseer's terminal revealed that the "white noise" was underlayed with subliminal suggestions intended to "increase aggression, focus and commandability". Suggestions which were supposed to be counteracted with a safe-word which, apparently, had become ineffective. The inhabitants of Vault 92 eventually tore each other apart, save a small handful who managed to escape before being driven insane... Why choose musicians for this sort of experiment? It seems some Vault-tec genius thought their tuned-in ears would increase their suggestibility.

By some miracle (or extraordinary coincidence) 101 found the Stradivarius, its case still intact, in the Sound Studio. She almost couldn't believe what she was seeing, but there it was. Agatha's great great grandmother took tremendous care of this instrument and 101 felt a sort of satisfaction that it would once again be in capable hands. Perhaps, she thought, beautiful things can survive in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Agatha was elated by 101's success and offered 200caps for her trouble. 101 refused payment, asking only that Agatha play something soothing; a request that Agatha was more than happy to grant. The day ended with Agatha playing a somber ballad, 101 dozing off in a chair and Charon standing guard at the door. If the music moved him at all he didn't show it. Even as Agatha herself finally turned in for the night he stood vigilant, guarding the sleeping women from whatever may dare approach.


  1. This part actually brought a smile to my face. I'm really looking forward to what will happen next :)

    1. Yay! :D This part makes me happy, too. lol


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