Saturday, October 8, 2016

Broadway Nails: Bowling Ball

Hiya, lovelies! Back today with another hubby-procured pretty from the dollar store. hehehe I'm still really impressed with these Broadway Nails polishes. They've all been easy to apply and dried fairly quickly. Plus, the colors!

Bowling Ball is actually a much more glowy blue in real life. I thought my camera had nailed it in the shade pic below, but as I was editing I noticed that that's not really as bright as it was irl either.

The color is spot-on (perfect sapphire blue), but the brightness is lacking. Definitely a winner of a polish if you like blue nail polish. Which I do! lol

I do have Libra on my nails now. Hubz is a Libra and wasn't super impressed... I'm not super impressed either. It's a nice polish, just doesn't seem quite as special as some of the other zodiac ones. You'll see. I'll try not to drag ass on getting it up.

Okay, so I've been sitting here for about 15 minutes just staring at the screen, so... y'all take care out there and I'll be back with Libra (and more Fallout) soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. Aaron did great as this is a gorgeous polish :)
    We really have great hubbies, don't we? (or are we just really good at training them? ;)

    1. hehehe They do have their moments, I suppose. ;) Fixed the comment thing. Now no one every had to know. *ssshhhh* lol

  2. I love the color so much i now look at my black nail polish as it was not even there like i don't see it my nails never looked better


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