Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 8

As 101 made her way once again through the treacherous DC Ruins she happened across the old Vault-Tec headquarters.

As anxious as she was to track down her father, a nagging voice in her head told 101 that it would probably be a good idea to check out the building while she was already so near it. So she compromised with herself: she'd sneak inside and if the coast was clear she'd find out what she could about the location of Vault 92; if there was even a hint of trouble she'd come back after finding her father. Satisfied with herself she approached the Vault-Tec headquarters building and peered inside. Nothing. Not a raider or Super Mutant in sight. The nearest terminal was no help at all, so she hastily made her way through a few maze-like corridors (someone at Vault-Tec must have been crazy about mazes) and found the central mainframe. A few keystrokes later and she managed to download the exact location of all five DC area Vaults.

Specific data regarding each Vault was corrupted, but she could investigate them later. She had to get back to Rivet City! 101 moved quickly and careful across the Ruins, through the Metro tunnel and across the Wasteland. The goal was to encounter as little resistance as possible, and she managed that expertly. Nearing exhaustion 101 entered Rivet City and followed the signs pointing her towards the Science Lab.

101 took a deep breath and entered the restricted lab area. She had reservations, but no other real choice. As she descended the stairs into the lab area she encountered a Dr Zimmer who claimed to be from something called The Institute located somewhere in The Commonwealth. 101 had never heard of such a place and concentrated on nodding politely as Dr Zimmer rambled on about a "missing Synth" and "reward for recovering stolen property". He seemed very insistent.

She accepted his holotape with "all of the pertinent information" and continued into the lab. It didn't seem very busy, and she didn't see her father anywhere. She heard a stern voice behind her, "You, in the Vault suit! What are you doing here? This area is restricted!" 101 turned, but before she could explain that she was looking for her father the woman approaching her stopped suddenly. "Oh my... you must be James and Catherine's daughter! You look so much like him. What are you doing here?"

So this was Dr Madison Li. As quickly as she could, 101 explained about her father leaving the Vault, the ensuing chaos, and her attempts to track him down. "Three Dog said my father was on his way here to see you; I'd like to see him, please". Dr Li shook her head, "he's not here". Of course, James had been there, but Dr Li recounted his "erratic urgency" in tracking down a Dr Braun (or, at least, his personal records) who had been working on a specialized terraforming project before the war. Dr Braun had created what he called a "Garden of Eden Creation Kit" (or G.E.C.K.) that was to be distributed to a random sampling of Vaults, then later used to make the world inhabitable again. James was certain he had uncovered Dr Braun's last known location: Vault 112. Even if Vault 112 had not been equipped with a G.E.C.K. surely Dr Braun would have some notes that would greatly benefit Project Purity.

101 took a moment to process everything Dr Li had said; her father had headed to Vault 112 in search of... the likely-disintigrated notes of some long-dead scientist?! He had left her alone in the Vault to go on, what was very much looking like, a wild goose chase? Why had he even bothered coming to Rivet City? Or visiting with Three Dog for that matter?! It was all too much. She thanked Dr Li and checked herself into the Weatherly Hotel. She already had Vault 112's location and would head directly there first thing in the morning.


  1. Finished the last part and I can't wait for part 9 :) You really put together a great story so far!

    1. Thank you so so much!! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Part 9 should be up in the next half-hour or so. lol


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