Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 7

The fairly short trip to the Galaxy News Radio building started off easily enough. Until 101 started noticing the odd Brotherhood of Steel Knight, easily identifiable in their power armor, in several strategic locations. Why were they here and what were they waiting for? It wasn't long before 101 got her answer, and the answer as to why so few people ventured into the DC Ruins. As soon as 101 was close enough to notice that the GNR building itself was being guarded by a pair of Knights the ground began to shake. She turned around just in time to see a Behemoth barreling right towards her!

It looked like a Super Mutant, but was at least five times as big and boy did it look angry. 101 stood stunned for a moment as the Behemoth passed by her and knocked a Knight into a pile of rubble. She vaguely registered that this Behemoth's beef was with the Brotherhood of Steel and not herself, but opened fire anyway. It was a tough battle, especially after she warranted the Behemoth's attention by attacking it, but thankfully her minigun held itself together just long enough to see the the Behemoth slain. The surviving Knights thanked 101 for her assist before tending to their wounded.

101 contemplated snagging a suit of power armor for herself, but decided against it. No sense in potentially making the Brotherhood an enemy. Perhaps later she'll find one in better condition. The most pressing matter was her long overdue meeting with the GNR DJ known as Three Dog to see what he knew of her father's whereabouts. She mentally prepared herself and entered the building.

After making her way upstairs she came face to face with Three Dog. He didn't bother asking 101 why she was there; he already knew. "You're here to find your father. Yeah, he was here. We had a long talk. He left a while ago." Of course he had. Deep down 101 had known it wasn't going to be as easy as just getting there. Three Dog was more than willing to give up the information 101 sought, but first she had to "contribute to the 'Good Fight'". 101 managed to suppress her agitation long enough to learn that all Three Dog wanted was his relay repaired so that his radio station could reach further out into the Wasteland. Next stop: the Washington Monument.

In the interest of haste 101 kept to the shadows and managed to avoid the trenches full of Super Mutants nestled between herself and the Monument. She was too close to risk it; besides, her minigun was nearly out of ammo and she doubted she could take all of them by surprise. It took her nearly an hour of sneaking to reach the monument and by that time her back and knees were killing her. Fortunately the Brotherhood of Steel had managed to keep the elevator working and she was able to rest a bit on the agonizingly long trip upwards.

Upon inspecting the relay dish 101 decided it wasn't in such bad shape. She hammered out some dings, realigned it, checked her Pip-boy to confirm the signal's strength and called the job done. Why the Brotherhood couldn't manage such an easy job was beyond her, but she tried not to dwell on it too much as she made her way back to GNR. Three Dog was thrilled to be back at full-broadcast capacity and gave up her father's new destination without delay. "He was headed for Rivet City to meet up with Dr Li about that Project Purity they had been working on." Rivet City... how could she have been so close and not known it? Mentally kicking herself, 101 thanked Three Dog for his help and headed back out. On to Rivet City! Again.


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