Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 5

First thing in the morning 101 took Bryan down to the Crater Supply to see Moira. She was more than happy to have a little shop assistant while 101 tracked down his auntie in Rivet City, and even marked Rivet City's location in 101's Pip-boy. There would be raiders and likely more Super Mutants that close to DC, but Moira was sure 101 could handle it. Even so 101 was a little apprehensive as she set out; more so after testing Bryan's "Nuka Grenade":

Well, that didn't look like much, but 101 was commited. She headed south-east and ran into little trouble; mostly molerats and wild mongrels. 101 was nearing that point where she wasn't sure if she was grateful for the silence or, perhaps, starting to get a bit lonely. About midway between Megaton and Rivet City she spied a building that looked in surprisingly good shape for the area.

According to the sign this was the Arlington Library. 101 decided to take a peek inside and had her first run-in with the Brotherhood of Steel.

They were quite the sight with their power armor and laser rifles, surely they had no trouble with Super Mutants. Rather than get between those hulks and the Raiders dug in deeper in the library, 101 spent a few moments talking to Scribe Yearling in the entranceway. Scribe Yearling seemed nice enough and was able to offer more precise directions to Rivet City; she asked only that 101 bring by any undamaged books she might come across. 101 thinks that once she figures out what happened to her father she could make quite a decent living as a professional scavenger. Her father... Is he even still alive? How would he have gotten past the Super Mutants? As 101 pondered these questions she soon found herself face to face with Rivet City.

Rivet City is, arguably, the most impressive settlement in the Capital Wasteland; well fortified, well populated, strategically located. 101 found herself immediately overwhelmed, but steeled herself and approached the massive behemoth ahead of her. She hadn't come this far just to turn back.


  1. That grenade looks pretty good considering it contains some household stuff and cola... although I'm not sure 101 can blast her way through the wall with them. Let's see what happens in part 6!

    1. hehehe I actually don't think I'd ever made them before so it was a fun experiment.


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