Monday, September 19, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 4

101 sat home contemplating her imposing acquisition when Moira stopped by for dinner. While Moira was incredibly handy, she had no idea where to begin reparing a nearly broken minigun. She did, however, know of a very gifted tinkerer in the nearby settlement of Grayditch. Not only that, Grayditch was nearer the DC ruins so perhaps 101 might see something helpful in the area. This was the only prompting 101 needed, and in the morning she set out for Grayditch.

What she found was not a settlement, but a ghost town with only one survivor. One human survivor. Grayditch had been overrun by giant fire ants. As much as it pained 101 to keep Bryan in the old Pulowski shelter where she had found him, it seemed the only way to keep him safe until the ants were dealt with. 101 meticulously checked each house, confirming that young Bryan was the only settler left. She thought as much until reaching a makeshift shack on the edge of the settlement. Inside was a working terminal that suggested there might be one more survivor, a scientist named Dr Lesko, holed up in the nearby Marigold Metro Station.

You see, Dr Lesko was attempting to revert the giant ants back to their miniscule, pre-War size through genetic modification. Fortunately he knew how to mass eliminate the current generation without killing the queen (and destroying all of his hard work), and promised "ample compenstation" if 101 were to aid him. So it was, after clearing a way to Dr Lesko's portable terminal so he could frenzy the ants into killing each other, that 101 was rewarded with a physical boost. A mild genetic modification that Dr Lesko called "Ant Might" which made 101 a bit stronger and more resistant to fire. Handy, but what about the kid? Dr Lesko couldn't care for him and confront the ant problem. Once 101 regained her senses after the modification she hurried back to the shelter.

Seeing no other option, 101 took young Bryan back to her place in Megaton for the time being. Seems he has an aunt in Rivet City who might be able to take him in permanently, but first 101 had to find Rivet City. Sounded like a big place; perhaps Moira could help her with some directions in the morning. In the meantime, 101 learned that Bryan was the son of the "gifted tinkerer" she had set out to find in the first place. He, of course, didn't have the skill to repair her minigun, but as thanks for saving him he taught her a little trick of his own. Homemade grenades made from tin cans, Abraxo Cleaner, turpentine and... Nuka Cola Quantum? Quantum gave 101 indigestion, so perhaps it was more volatile than the fine folks at Nuka Cola had led people to believe? At any rate she had no problem handing over a bottle to use in these grenades. She'd have to test them out before relying on them, but she thanked the kid anyway. You never know what might come in handy.


  1. And on to part 5... I wonder if I can get hubby to play Fallout 3 again :)

    1. LOL Maybe. ;) Fallout 3 is a lot of people's favorite.


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