Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 3

Now, I don't want to give you the impression that the Capital Wasteland was all kindly strangers and random negotiations. Post-apocalyptia is a dangerous place with some pretty horrific people. Although, as 101 was soon to discover, the pre-War world wasn't entirely clean cut either...

Take, for instance, Springvale Elementary. A pre-War school with a rather pleasant and inviting name. It came as little surprise that a band of raiders had made this dilapidated building their home. The one good thing about raiders is their tendency to leave ammo and caps laying around, so it is usually beneficial to explore structures like this thoroughly after dispatching its inhabitants. What 101 found in the lower level of this school left her stunned.

Granted life in the Vault was, by design, isolated. Perhaps their inhabitants were naive. Why, though, would an elementary school have a jail cell? The bars were built into the wall, so the cell wasn't added later by the raiders. Even more disturbing was that the cell held a number of child-sized skeletons. What was going on in this school? Unfortunately the administrative offices were caved in and 101 could not find any working terminals that might shed some light on this apparent abomination. It was with a heavy heart that 101 continued her search for supplies then left Springvale Elementary only to run into more trouble.

As soon as 101 left Springvale Elementary she was ambushed by a band of Talon Company mercenaries. It was fortunate this group was only three strong because they were much more skilled than the average raiders 101 had encountered so far. The Talon Company mercs were well armored and wielded energy weapons. They proved quite the challenge, but our heroine was ultimately successful. It was on one of the mercs that 101 found the bounty note. Who would want to put a bounty on her? It was a mystery she intended to solve, but was unsure she would be able to. Something else to add to the list. It was also on this increasingly difficult day that 101 encountered her first Super Mutant.

While returning to Megaton 101 spied a small camp off the main road. She managed to take the lone Super Mutant by surprise and crippled its head with the first shot; the rest of the encounter was fairly anticlimactic after that. As she went to search the body she noticed this poor woman tied up within the tent. What would a Super Mutant want with a human? Was she to be dinner? 101 got no answer to this question, as soon as the woman was freed she took off like a shot. Can't blame her, I suppose. The reason became less important anyway when 101 noticed the glint of metal in the corner.

A minigun. It was in rough shape and lacking much ammunition, but 101 liked the feel of holding her very first minigun. Perhaps this was just the thing to get her into the DC ruins; once it was fixed and properly loaded, of course. Weighted down with the unwieldy weapon 101 made haste (as much as possible) for Megaton. Time to take stock and regroup.


  1. You're a pretty good writer. I'm actually kind of happy I have some more parts to read :)


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