Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 2

No one knows exactly how Three Dog managed to gather his information so quickly, but as our heroine made her way down the only visible path her pip-boy alerted her to the Galaxy News Radio signal which she immediately tuned into. She heard Three Dog mention her emergence from the Vault and the words, "Hey, 101, be safe and good luck". 101. With no memory of any other name (she believed the sun must have burned it from her brain) she thought 101 seemed as good a name as any; as it turned out, thanks to her Vaultsuit, that's what most people would end up calling her anyway. Up ahead was a sign for "Megaton" and with no other leads that was, apparently, the way to go.

Megaton was fairly intimidating at first. Not quite as big or maze-like as the Vault, but the open ceiling was disorienting. She spent a few days wandering aimlessly trying to get her bearings when she was taken in by the members of The Children of Atom.

They were a little odd, worshiping an undetonated bomb and bathing in irradiated water, but The Children fed 101 and gave her a place to sleep while she got used to life in Megaton. Mother Maya was especially helpful introducing 101 to several residents around Megaton. Once initial introductions were made 101 was able to do odd jobs in and around Megaton; making her own caps and even being offered a vacant shack to use as her own. It was here in Megaton that she learned one of her most important lessons: it pays to help people. Not just in caps, but she learned useful skills and became more confident while helping others. Plus, it just felt good. She even made her first real topside friend: Moira.

Together 101 and Moira penned the popular Wasteland Survival Guide. It was while helping Moira that 101 finally tracked down the first solid lead on her father. "He was headed for the GNR building". She was all set to chase after him, but GNR (Galaxy News Radio) is nestled deep in the DC ruins which, rumor has it, is overrun with Super Mutants. That sounded more than a little problematic. Sure, by this time 101 had taken down a few mole rats and even a handful of Raiders, but Super Mutants were a whole other class of trouble. This did not discourage 101, however. She knew with better equipment and more practice she could definitely cut through a nest of Super Mutants. She just knew it. So rather than heading South-East towards DC, 101 made her way North to deliver a letter and perhaps find more jobs in a new town.

Along the way she ran into a pair of ghouls who offered 101 her first recurring job. "Sugar Bombs for caps". Four times the caps that the traders in Megaton were offering! A fortunate stop indeed. Upon attempting to deliver the letter in Arefu, 101 ran into her first real challenge. Arefu was being terrorized by a "strange" group of Raiders; the citizens unable to help, or even talk to her until this situation was resolved. Well, you may have heard that it was not Raiders giving Arefu so much trouble, but "vampires". Oh, not like in the pre-War stories, certainly not. No, these particular vampires were, in fact, cannibals who were attempting to keep something of a lid on their cravings by "drinking only the blood; not eating the flesh". That seemed reasonable enough and, as they had not attacked her on sight, 101 thought it could prove useful to have a chat with their leader, Vance. Vance was a surprisingly civil fellow and willing to negotiate. He confided in 101 that before founding The Family (as they called themselves) he survived just fine off of blood packs. If 101 could convince the settlers of Arefu to donate blood packs to The Family they would, in turn, protect the town from other dangers in the area. Well, Arefu fairly jumped at this opportunity and 101 did not overlook the rush she got from helping to make peace between the two groups. Unfortunately neither Arefu nor The Family were able to help her much beyond a handful of caps and some spare ammo. 101 was heading back towards Megaton to regroup when she noticed this cozy little dwelling tucked behind an imposing rock formation:

Inside she met Agatha. An older woman surviving on her own by playing violin over the radio to comfort and entertain travelers and traders alike. In turn they provided a drastic discount on the goods she needed to get by. Ah, but Agatha's old handmade violin was nearing the end of its usefulness. She had letters which indicated that her great great grandmother was a phenomenal talent before the War; so good, in fact, that she was admitted into Vault 92 to preserve her talent for the future. If 101 can retrieve her great great grandmother's Stradivarius violin, Agatha would be sure to spread the word among her caravan connections and pass on any leads she came across. That sort of exposure would certainly prove useful, but there was one catch: As far as Agatha has been able to uncover... nobody knows where Vault 92 actually is. 101 made a note in her pip-boy and assured Agatha she would return the violin if she was at all able. As they said their good-byes 101 found herself very curious about what this other Vault was like, assuming she could find it. For now she could only journey forward, preparing herself for the DC ruins and what lay inside.


  1. So much for keeping up with your saga... but I'm going to sit down and read all available parts (parts 1-8 atm) right now! I just re-read part 1 and I'm quite curious to find out what you have in store for 101 :)

    1. Welcome back! Since you hadn't been posting I figured you just got busy. ;)


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