Monday, September 12, 2016

Julep: Virgo + Broadway Nails: Super Star

Hey, y'all. So, I'm super impressed with Virgo. Not only is it a super appropriate sapphire blue, but this could easily have been a one-coater!

Isn't that stunning? The formula was a bit thick, but not terribly difficult to work with. I'm actually doing a lot better carefully applying my polish so there's minimal clean-up.

Also, I happened to get lucky running into one: Virgo is Virgo approved. *thumbs up*

Since I have a few sitting out I went ahead and used Virgo as a glitter base for Broadway Nails' Super Star:

You'll notice I did get some shrinkage between the glitter and topcoat. Unsure which one is the actual culprit or if it's a combination of the two. Hold on, it looks better in the shade...

There we are. Teeny and medium purple hexes with a smattering of iridescent silver glitters. Very nice.

Starting to feel a bit better... other than not sleeping well... and Swagbucks messing with me all of a sudden. I did do myself a favor and pre-typed up the first two installments of my Fallout thing (complete with pic links and everything) so all I have to do is copy and paste! No excuses. So, yeah. There's that. I'll try to be around a bit more, but I keep winding up broke and mypoints has also been problematic which eats into a lot of time, but I'll try. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. O M G... gorgeous!! From the pictures it looks like OPI Give Me Space, my absolute favorite from last years Holiday collection :) It's almost blasphemy to put glitters on top (although the picture in the shade looks like a beautiful galaxy) but I'm still loving it best in all it's undecorated awesome-ness :)

    1. hehehe Yeah, I debated whether I should glitter-ize it or not, but I really like the end result. in the shade anyway. You're right, though, Virgo is amazing enough to stand on her own! <3

  2. Beautiful color! Does it stain the cuticles or the nails?

    1. I think it did a little bit, but from what I can remember it came off the next time I did my nails so it wasn't a permanent stain.


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