Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Color Club: Riviera

What do ya know... only five days this time. Somehow I thought it's been longer. I can't say I'm feeling much better, but... I'm trying. Sparklies help, right?

This is three coats of Color Club Riviera, another pretty precious from Norma. I love the combination of the metallic/pearly green with the blue glitters. Very mermaid-like.

The texture is moderately pronounced, but nowhere near as rough as it looks like it would be. I did get some premature tipwear I had to keep patching (which I thought I had before taking pictures, but apparently I was wrong), but other than that it's worn really well over the last few days.

It's still fairly earlyish so I'm going to try and do my nails... fingers and toes. *fingers crossed* Y'all take care of yourselves out there. To sort of make up for my extended absences, here's a pic of a Tangela I tangled with in HEB:

Little disturbing. lol (^_^)"/"


  1. I never see Color Club in stores anymore it seems, so I've sort of forgotten about them. Too bad, since they do some good stuff.

    1. I never do either, actually. I check head2toebeauty from time to time and generally grab ones I like from amazon.

  2. This one looks so pretty, like bottled mermaid (although that would be cruel now that I write it down...).
    Hehe, I actually had to google Tangela... Pokémon! I guess I'm just not hip anymore *starts searching for gray hairs and wrinkles*

    1. hehehe Definitely like bottled mermaid. ;) Or, maybe "mermaid essence" would be less cruel? Yeah, I totally fell into the PokemonGo craze. My sisters and I watched the cartoon as kids so it's kinda fun and nostalgic to see them out "in the real world".


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