Thursday, September 22, 2016

Color Club: Cash Only + Water Marble

I think AdBlockPlus must have updated because photobucket is finally usable again!! *dies* I don't mind ads, but when they're taking forever to load and causing the site to crash... it's a problem. Anyway, it's working (for now), so let's get to it!

Cash Only is one of those greenish-bluish "Peridot" type duochromes. Not an overly strong one, but it's still pretty.

Two coats, no undies, dried fairly quickly. Not super quickly, but no sleep damage so there's that. Video!

I didn't actually use Cash Only in the water marble, but it made a good enough base.

I did use Color Club's Burnt Out and Don't Kale My Vibe. I got a lot of bubbling, the polish wasn't spreading as well after a while and...

I missed a bit on my pinkie there.... oops. Fortunately with the Cash Only base it wasn't super noticeable in person, but... overall I would have liked it to come out a bit better than it did. Ah well.

Still chugging along on the Fallout story. If you're reading it and finding it kind of boring... I'm sorry. It gets more interesting. If you're not reading it... join the club? Doesn't seem like anybody is so you're not alone. Doesn't matter, I guess. Just something to get out of my system before I tackle Survival Mode again. Which I could start at any time, I suppose.... I'm rambling.... Polish-wise I have two pretty Juleps up next followed by a cream-glitter combo. I do have October's maven box on the way. I'm liking that we can swap out stuff. My bank account isn't as appreciative, but nobody asked it. lol Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. woah this looks just like an oil-slick! If I didn't know I would have thought it was a sticker or press on

  2. That's what it reminded me of, too! I kind of wish I had put a darker purpley one in there as well. Something to try next time!

  3. AWESOME!!! Especially your *poses hand and checks which one* left index looks great!
    *wonders if her bank account can take another punch so she can orders those Oil Slicks after all*

    1. Oh, and you bet I'm reading your Fallout Saga!
      I've even finished reading those posts before I looked at the polish ones that were waiting :)

    2. *tacklehugs* I'm really glad you're enjoying it. I think you're actually the only person (aside from myself) who's read it at all. lol


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