Friday, September 30, 2016

Julep: Alysha & Dominique

Yep, managed to do my nails. Today I have two fabulous Juleps for you, so let's get started!

First up is two coats of the gorgeous purple holo Alysha. Again, no problems with application or dry time.

I don't know what they did, but I'm liking the new Julep. Alysha is kind of a red-purple with a nice linear holo.

And.... it looks like photobucket ate my video... nice...

Up next is two coats of Dominique:

Not as holo as Alysha, but still pretty. Actually, it looked holo in the bottle, but on the nails it just looks sparkly. Still pretty, though. No issues with this one either... other than staining.

And weather. Both of those pics were taken indoors.

That's it for me. I have enough Fallout stuff for the next week so I'm going to go take a Minecraft break. Hopefully I can convince myself to do my nails tonight... y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 9

With a heavy heart and a head full of questions 101 made her way west. Megaton was on the way so she stopped by to replenish her supplies and let Moira know what was going on. Poor Moira was just as upset and confused as 101 and could only offer a few extra stimpaks to show her support. 101 thanked Moira, hugged her fiercely, then headed west once again. Vault 112 was a full day's walk from Megaton and since 101 had lost some of her former urgency she made camp in an abandoned gas station as soon as the sun set. Her sleep was uneasy; dreams of her father, winding Vault hallways, bright flashes of light and... some ragged looking man she didn't recognize. Most of this was forgotten by morning and she was left wondering why she was so exhausted by the time she managed to reach Vault 112.

Well, this was certainly the right place. 101 entered the door code she had retrieved from the Vault-Tec headquarters and entered Vault 112. She was greeted by a robot who offered her a Vault 112 suit and seemed to be under the impression that she was 200 years late for check-in. 101 accepted the vault suit, thanked the robot and rushed deeper into the Vault - she was ready to find her father and give him an ear-full. As 101 emerged into what should have been the commons area she was stopped dead in her tracks.

A chill crept up 101's spine as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. This was nothing like her Vault at all. 101 kept her eyes on the pods below while making her way to the nearest staircase; all the while trying to keep her growing feelings of unease at bay. Where there really people in those pods? Approaching the first pod 101 confirmed that they did, indeed, contain people. The woman inside appeared awake, but somehow terrified. 101 tried to determine what sort of horror film this woman was being subjected to, but the screen on which the woman was fixated appeared to be a quiet suburban neighborhood. Curious. Perhaps the residents of Vault 112 were in some sort of virtual reality stasis? 101 checked the remaining pods. Most of the occupants appeared to be in the same terror-state as the first woman; save two. One pod contained a dead man and one was empty. The last, however-

Her father!! So he had made it to Vault 112. 101 banged on the pod, but he didn't respond. She tried prying it open, even checking the attached terminal to no avail. 101 went in search of the mainframe or... anything useful at all. There was nothing. The entire purpose of this Vault appeared to be the stasis pods. The only thing in the Overseer's office was the Overseer; in his own pod, of course. 101 returned to the main area and carefully regarded the empty pod. She did't want to risk getting trapped as her father had, but what choice did she have? Assuming the pods were connected into the same simulation, perhaps they could find a way out together. 101 took a moment to gather her nerves, took a deep breath and entered the simulation.

The simulation appeared to be nothing more than a quiet, pre-war suburban neighborhood. Everything seemed clean, fresh, well-manicured; she honestly didn't think she could have imagined such a place. As 101 made her way around the neighborhood, checking every face she passed, it seemed that nothing at all was amiss. She asked a few people about her father or the Overseer, but nobody seemed to know what she was talking about. No matter. If the Overseer was also in this simulation there had to be a terminal around somewhere. Perhaps her Pip-boy could pick up the signal...

101 stamped down the panic that threatened to overtake her. No big deal, just further proof that there absolutely had to be an accessible terminal. She looked around and noticed something peculiar. While there were adults and children wandering around all over the neighborhood, absolutely nobody was going near the park in the center. Perhaps, she thought as she got closer, they're avoiding that little girl? 101 approached the girl, "Betty", and asked her if she knew where the Overseer was. "Betty" avoided the question, instead prompting 101 to "go make Jimmy cry". What? She certainly wasn't going to do that! "Betty" became irate and as her tirade ensued her voice changed to that of an old man. So "Betty" was the Overseer, a twisted man who had grown bored of the simulations and had started torturing its inhabitants. He, of course, knew where her father was, but refused to disclose his location. He laughed as 101 went off to search the houses.

While she didn't find her father, 101 did manage to find the simulation control terminal. It was cleverly disguised behind a virtual wall; she may not have discovered it at all if she hadn't bumped into an errant garden gnome which gave off an odd sound, like a music note. 101 began randomly touching objects to determine what else might be connected and eventually narrowed down each of the five "keys". There was even a handy "blonk" noise when she touched a "key" out of order. 101 hoped there wasn't a lockout mechanism as she worked her way around, narrowing down the correct order. Once the terminal was revealed 101 shut down the simulation, despite repeated warnings that doing so would result in a system failure which would likely kill those who had been in stasis for the past 200 years. She only hesitated a moment, but the residents of Vault 112 had suffered long enough.

After exiting her pod, and offering a moment of silence for the poor Vault dwellers, 101 rushed over to check on her father. He was surprised to see her, but delighted as well. This seemed a bit short-lived as he immediately began filling her in on the information he had gathered. "Betty" (aka The Overseer) was, in fact, Dr Braun himself. He had confirmed the existence of the G.E.C.K. before changing James' virtual self into a dog; trapping him in the simulation and effectively cutting off any means of communicating or uncovering the exit. So, where was this G.E.C.K.? Dr Braun had not said. James was eager to get back to The Jefferson Memorial where Project Purity was started. He was sure one of their recovered terminals would have some useful information. This time, as 101 headed back east, she did so with her father by her side.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 8

As 101 made her way once again through the treacherous DC Ruins she happened across the old Vault-Tec headquarters.

As anxious as she was to track down her father, a nagging voice in her head told 101 that it would probably be a good idea to check out the building while she was already so near it. So she compromised with herself: she'd sneak inside and if the coast was clear she'd find out what she could about the location of Vault 92; if there was even a hint of trouble she'd come back after finding her father. Satisfied with herself she approached the Vault-Tec headquarters building and peered inside. Nothing. Not a raider or Super Mutant in sight. The nearest terminal was no help at all, so she hastily made her way through a few maze-like corridors (someone at Vault-Tec must have been crazy about mazes) and found the central mainframe. A few keystrokes later and she managed to download the exact location of all five DC area Vaults.

Specific data regarding each Vault was corrupted, but she could investigate them later. She had to get back to Rivet City! 101 moved quickly and careful across the Ruins, through the Metro tunnel and across the Wasteland. The goal was to encounter as little resistance as possible, and she managed that expertly. Nearing exhaustion 101 entered Rivet City and followed the signs pointing her towards the Science Lab.

101 took a deep breath and entered the restricted lab area. She had reservations, but no other real choice. As she descended the stairs into the lab area she encountered a Dr Zimmer who claimed to be from something called The Institute located somewhere in The Commonwealth. 101 had never heard of such a place and concentrated on nodding politely as Dr Zimmer rambled on about a "missing Synth" and "reward for recovering stolen property". He seemed very insistent.

She accepted his holotape with "all of the pertinent information" and continued into the lab. It didn't seem very busy, and she didn't see her father anywhere. She heard a stern voice behind her, "You, in the Vault suit! What are you doing here? This area is restricted!" 101 turned, but before she could explain that she was looking for her father the woman approaching her stopped suddenly. "Oh my... you must be James and Catherine's daughter! You look so much like him. What are you doing here?"

So this was Dr Madison Li. As quickly as she could, 101 explained about her father leaving the Vault, the ensuing chaos, and her attempts to track him down. "Three Dog said my father was on his way here to see you; I'd like to see him, please". Dr Li shook her head, "he's not here". Of course, James had been there, but Dr Li recounted his "erratic urgency" in tracking down a Dr Braun (or, at least, his personal records) who had been working on a specialized terraforming project before the war. Dr Braun had created what he called a "Garden of Eden Creation Kit" (or G.E.C.K.) that was to be distributed to a random sampling of Vaults, then later used to make the world inhabitable again. James was certain he had uncovered Dr Braun's last known location: Vault 112. Even if Vault 112 had not been equipped with a G.E.C.K. surely Dr Braun would have some notes that would greatly benefit Project Purity.

101 took a moment to process everything Dr Li had said; her father had headed to Vault 112 in search of... the likely-disintigrated notes of some long-dead scientist?! He had left her alone in the Vault to go on, what was very much looking like, a wild goose chase? Why had he even bothered coming to Rivet City? Or visiting with Three Dog for that matter?! It was all too much. She thanked Dr Li and checked herself into the Weatherly Hotel. She already had Vault 112's location and would head directly there first thing in the morning.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 7

The fairly short trip to the Galaxy News Radio building started off easily enough. Until 101 started noticing the odd Brotherhood of Steel Knight, easily identifiable in their power armor, in several strategic locations. Why were they here and what were they waiting for? It wasn't long before 101 got her answer, and the answer as to why so few people ventured into the DC Ruins. As soon as 101 was close enough to notice that the GNR building itself was being guarded by a pair of Knights the ground began to shake. She turned around just in time to see a Behemoth barreling right towards her!

It looked like a Super Mutant, but was at least five times as big and boy did it look angry. 101 stood stunned for a moment as the Behemoth passed by her and knocked a Knight into a pile of rubble. She vaguely registered that this Behemoth's beef was with the Brotherhood of Steel and not herself, but opened fire anyway. It was a tough battle, especially after she warranted the Behemoth's attention by attacking it, but thankfully her minigun held itself together just long enough to see the the Behemoth slain. The surviving Knights thanked 101 for her assist before tending to their wounded.

101 contemplated snagging a suit of power armor for herself, but decided against it. No sense in potentially making the Brotherhood an enemy. Perhaps later she'll find one in better condition. The most pressing matter was her long overdue meeting with the GNR DJ known as Three Dog to see what he knew of her father's whereabouts. She mentally prepared herself and entered the building.

After making her way upstairs she came face to face with Three Dog. He didn't bother asking 101 why she was there; he already knew. "You're here to find your father. Yeah, he was here. We had a long talk. He left a while ago." Of course he had. Deep down 101 had known it wasn't going to be as easy as just getting there. Three Dog was more than willing to give up the information 101 sought, but first she had to "contribute to the 'Good Fight'". 101 managed to suppress her agitation long enough to learn that all Three Dog wanted was his relay repaired so that his radio station could reach further out into the Wasteland. Next stop: the Washington Monument.

In the interest of haste 101 kept to the shadows and managed to avoid the trenches full of Super Mutants nestled between herself and the Monument. She was too close to risk it; besides, her minigun was nearly out of ammo and she doubted she could take all of them by surprise. It took her nearly an hour of sneaking to reach the monument and by that time her back and knees were killing her. Fortunately the Brotherhood of Steel had managed to keep the elevator working and she was able to rest a bit on the agonizingly long trip upwards.

Upon inspecting the relay dish 101 decided it wasn't in such bad shape. She hammered out some dings, realigned it, checked her Pip-boy to confirm the signal's strength and called the job done. Why the Brotherhood couldn't manage such an easy job was beyond her, but she tried not to dwell on it too much as she made her way back to GNR. Three Dog was thrilled to be back at full-broadcast capacity and gave up her father's new destination without delay. "He was headed for Rivet City to meet up with Dr Li about that Project Purity they had been working on." Rivet City... how could she have been so close and not known it? Mentally kicking herself, 101 thanked Three Dog for his help and headed back out. On to Rivet City! Again.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 6

Rivet City was, indeed, quite massive, but 101 felt almost immediately at ease in the enclosed space. It was actually a lot like the Vault with signs up for direction. 101's first stop had to be the Market. A place this big was sure to have a decent armorer who might be able to help her.

Her hunch was correct. Flak (of Flak & Shrapnel's) was on hand with plenty of ammo and expertise. She was able to trade all of her .32 and flamer ammo (for which she had no use) in exchange for almost 1000 rounds of 5mm minigun ammo. Certainly a start! Flak couldn't make any promises, but he was willing to take a crack at her minigun if she brought it by. That would be an extra trip, but potentially well worth it.

Rivet City. 101 was impressed. While she searched out Bryan's aunt she passed a church. Not Children of Atom, but one which worshiped a Saint Monica.

There was also a museum. The curator still in need of the Declaration of Independence to complete his collection of historical documents. He promised it would be "well worth the effort" if 101 could find that for him. She promised to bring it to him if she came across it.

There were several places that were closed or off-limits, but fortunately 101 ran into Bryan's aunt Vera in The Weatherly Hotel (a hotel!) while inquiring about a room for the night. Vera was saddened by poor Bryan's plight and more than happy to take him in. Vera actually runs the hotel in Rivet City so she has both the space and the means to care for young Bryan.

After a very restful sleep on the most comfortable bed since the Vault, 101 nearly ran all the way back to Megaton to fetch Bryan and her minigun. The return trip to Rivet City was actually fairly pleasant with a companion. They even ran across a handful of radroaches that she allowed Bryan the honor of decimating with one of his Nuka grenades. He enjoyed that very much; of course 101 felt the need to caution him against throwing them around Rivet City. When they arrived Bryan and Vera took to each other quite naturally. Seeing them embrace each other made 101's heart happy, and also anxious to be reunited with her own family. She excused herself, promising to check in "as often as possible", and returned to Flak with her minigun. As Flak tinkered about with her minigun his partner, Shrapnel, marked her Pip-boy map with the metro tunnel entrance she'd want to take to get to the GNR building as easily as possible. "You'll pop out right near it this way". Flak was able to make her minigun useful, but not terribly sturdy. "It should be able to handle the ammo you have, but not much more before it breaks again. Sorry". That would have to be good enough. She thanked them both, paid for the repairs and headed out for her first venture into the "overrun with Super Mutants" DC Ruins.

Well, either Shrapnel was in cahoots with somebody or very good with directions. Since 101 couldn't fathom somebody using the Brotherhood of Steel emblem as bait, she thought it safe enough to enter the metro. She was further encouraged when her biggest obstacle was a handful of ghouls along the way. There was one Super Mutant, but it was previously injured (possibly by more ghouls) and didn't pose much of a threat. She became a little nervous as she reached the exit gate into DC and pulled out her minigun before going through.

So this is the DC ruins. A section of it, anyway, and there's the Galaxy News Radio building right in front of her. While she wasn't immediately bombarded by Super Mutants, 101 hoisted her minigun and headed for the last known destination of her father.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Color Club: Cash Only + Water Marble

I think AdBlockPlus must have updated because photobucket is finally usable again!! *dies* I don't mind ads, but when they're taking forever to load and causing the site to crash... it's a problem. Anyway, it's working (for now), so let's get to it!

Cash Only is one of those greenish-bluish "Peridot" type duochromes. Not an overly strong one, but it's still pretty.

Two coats, no undies, dried fairly quickly. Not super quickly, but no sleep damage so there's that. Video!

I didn't actually use Cash Only in the water marble, but it made a good enough base.

I did use Color Club's Burnt Out and Don't Kale My Vibe. I got a lot of bubbling, the polish wasn't spreading as well after a while and...

I missed a bit on my pinkie there.... oops. Fortunately with the Cash Only base it wasn't super noticeable in person, but... overall I would have liked it to come out a bit better than it did. Ah well.

Still chugging along on the Fallout story. If you're reading it and finding it kind of boring... I'm sorry. It gets more interesting. If you're not reading it... join the club? Doesn't seem like anybody is so you're not alone. Doesn't matter, I guess. Just something to get out of my system before I tackle Survival Mode again. Which I could start at any time, I suppose.... I'm rambling.... Polish-wise I have two pretty Juleps up next followed by a cream-glitter combo. I do have October's maven box on the way. I'm liking that we can swap out stuff. My bank account isn't as appreciative, but nobody asked it. lol Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 5

First thing in the morning 101 took Bryan down to the Crater Supply to see Moira. She was more than happy to have a little shop assistant while 101 tracked down his auntie in Rivet City, and even marked Rivet City's location in 101's Pip-boy. There would be raiders and likely more Super Mutants that close to DC, but Moira was sure 101 could handle it. Even so 101 was a little apprehensive as she set out; more so after testing Bryan's "Nuka Grenade":

Well, that didn't look like much, but 101 was commited. She headed south-east and ran into little trouble; mostly molerats and wild mongrels. 101 was nearing that point where she wasn't sure if she was grateful for the silence or, perhaps, starting to get a bit lonely. About midway between Megaton and Rivet City she spied a building that looked in surprisingly good shape for the area.

According to the sign this was the Arlington Library. 101 decided to take a peek inside and had her first run-in with the Brotherhood of Steel.

They were quite the sight with their power armor and laser rifles, surely they had no trouble with Super Mutants. Rather than get between those hulks and the Raiders dug in deeper in the library, 101 spent a few moments talking to Scribe Yearling in the entranceway. Scribe Yearling seemed nice enough and was able to offer more precise directions to Rivet City; she asked only that 101 bring by any undamaged books she might come across. 101 thinks that once she figures out what happened to her father she could make quite a decent living as a professional scavenger. Her father... Is he even still alive? How would he have gotten past the Super Mutants? As 101 pondered these questions she soon found herself face to face with Rivet City.

Rivet City is, arguably, the most impressive settlement in the Capital Wasteland; well fortified, well populated, strategically located. 101 found herself immediately overwhelmed, but steeled herself and approached the massive behemoth ahead of her. She hadn't come this far just to turn back.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 4

101 sat home contemplating her imposing acquisition when Moira stopped by for dinner. While Moira was incredibly handy, she had no idea where to begin reparing a nearly broken minigun. She did, however, know of a very gifted tinkerer in the nearby settlement of Grayditch. Not only that, Grayditch was nearer the DC ruins so perhaps 101 might see something helpful in the area. This was the only prompting 101 needed, and in the morning she set out for Grayditch.

What she found was not a settlement, but a ghost town with only one survivor. One human survivor. Grayditch had been overrun by giant fire ants. As much as it pained 101 to keep Bryan in the old Pulowski shelter where she had found him, it seemed the only way to keep him safe until the ants were dealt with. 101 meticulously checked each house, confirming that young Bryan was the only settler left. She thought as much until reaching a makeshift shack on the edge of the settlement. Inside was a working terminal that suggested there might be one more survivor, a scientist named Dr Lesko, holed up in the nearby Marigold Metro Station.

You see, Dr Lesko was attempting to revert the giant ants back to their miniscule, pre-War size through genetic modification. Fortunately he knew how to mass eliminate the current generation without killing the queen (and destroying all of his hard work), and promised "ample compenstation" if 101 were to aid him. So it was, after clearing a way to Dr Lesko's portable terminal so he could frenzy the ants into killing each other, that 101 was rewarded with a physical boost. A mild genetic modification that Dr Lesko called "Ant Might" which made 101 a bit stronger and more resistant to fire. Handy, but what about the kid? Dr Lesko couldn't care for him and confront the ant problem. Once 101 regained her senses after the modification she hurried back to the shelter.

Seeing no other option, 101 took young Bryan back to her place in Megaton for the time being. Seems he has an aunt in Rivet City who might be able to take him in permanently, but first 101 had to find Rivet City. Sounded like a big place; perhaps Moira could help her with some directions in the morning. In the meantime, 101 learned that Bryan was the son of the "gifted tinkerer" she had set out to find in the first place. He, of course, didn't have the skill to repair her minigun, but as thanks for saving him he taught her a little trick of his own. Homemade grenades made from tin cans, Abraxo Cleaner, turpentine and... Nuka Cola Quantum? Quantum gave 101 indigestion, so perhaps it was more volatile than the fine folks at Nuka Cola had led people to believe? At any rate she had no problem handing over a bottle to use in these grenades. She'd have to test them out before relying on them, but she thanked the kid anyway. You never know what might come in handy.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Julep: Genevieve

Hello, all you beautiful people. Working my way through all of these Juleps. lol Today I have Genevieve, which could have been a one-coater, but I used two for pictures.

Not a particularly interesting polish, but a solid one. Genevieve applied easily and dried fairly quickly. I have to say I've been pretty impressed with their formula lately. Yes, I do have some bubbling there, but I suspect that's because I'm nearing the end of my bottle of ridge filler basecoat. *sad face* I did do an accent marble with Genevieve and Julep Acacia.

Those two actually played really nicely together. I almost did more nails, but... I can't remember. It may have been getting late.

For those of you interested I have up to Part 6 of "The Fallout Saga" typed up and ready. Polish-wise I have Color Club Cash Only plus a water marble (that could have been better; stupid bubbling) and a very pretty Julep holo complete with comparison. I'm not going to say definitively that I'm "getting back into the swing of things", but overall I think I'm doing better. I do have some fairly stressful 'adulty' things coming up, but hopefully those won't be too traumatic. *fingers crossed* Y'all take care out there and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 3

Now, I don't want to give you the impression that the Capital Wasteland was all kindly strangers and random negotiations. Post-apocalyptia is a dangerous place with some pretty horrific people. Although, as 101 was soon to discover, the pre-War world wasn't entirely clean cut either...

Take, for instance, Springvale Elementary. A pre-War school with a rather pleasant and inviting name. It came as little surprise that a band of raiders had made this dilapidated building their home. The one good thing about raiders is their tendency to leave ammo and caps laying around, so it is usually beneficial to explore structures like this thoroughly after dispatching its inhabitants. What 101 found in the lower level of this school left her stunned.

Granted life in the Vault was, by design, isolated. Perhaps their inhabitants were naive. Why, though, would an elementary school have a jail cell? The bars were built into the wall, so the cell wasn't added later by the raiders. Even more disturbing was that the cell held a number of child-sized skeletons. What was going on in this school? Unfortunately the administrative offices were caved in and 101 could not find any working terminals that might shed some light on this apparent abomination. It was with a heavy heart that 101 continued her search for supplies then left Springvale Elementary only to run into more trouble.

As soon as 101 left Springvale Elementary she was ambushed by a band of Talon Company mercenaries. It was fortunate this group was only three strong because they were much more skilled than the average raiders 101 had encountered so far. The Talon Company mercs were well armored and wielded energy weapons. They proved quite the challenge, but our heroine was ultimately successful. It was on one of the mercs that 101 found the bounty note. Who would want to put a bounty on her? It was a mystery she intended to solve, but was unsure she would be able to. Something else to add to the list. It was also on this increasingly difficult day that 101 encountered her first Super Mutant.

While returning to Megaton 101 spied a small camp off the main road. She managed to take the lone Super Mutant by surprise and crippled its head with the first shot; the rest of the encounter was fairly anticlimactic after that. As she went to search the body she noticed this poor woman tied up within the tent. What would a Super Mutant want with a human? Was she to be dinner? 101 got no answer to this question, as soon as the woman was freed she took off like a shot. Can't blame her, I suppose. The reason became less important anyway when 101 noticed the glint of metal in the corner.

A minigun. It was in rough shape and lacking much ammunition, but 101 liked the feel of holding her very first minigun. Perhaps this was just the thing to get her into the DC ruins; once it was fixed and properly loaded, of course. Weighted down with the unwieldy weapon 101 made haste (as much as possible) for Megaton. Time to take stock and regroup.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Fallout Saga: Part 2

No one knows exactly how Three Dog managed to gather his information so quickly, but as our heroine made her way down the only visible path her pip-boy alerted her to the Galaxy News Radio signal which she immediately tuned into. She heard Three Dog mention her emergence from the Vault and the words, "Hey, 101, be safe and good luck". 101. With no memory of any other name (she believed the sun must have burned it from her brain) she thought 101 seemed as good a name as any; as it turned out, thanks to her Vaultsuit, that's what most people would end up calling her anyway. Up ahead was a sign for "Megaton" and with no other leads that was, apparently, the way to go.

Megaton was fairly intimidating at first. Not quite as big or maze-like as the Vault, but the open ceiling was disorienting. She spent a few days wandering aimlessly trying to get her bearings when she was taken in by the members of The Children of Atom.

They were a little odd, worshiping an undetonated bomb and bathing in irradiated water, but The Children fed 101 and gave her a place to sleep while she got used to life in Megaton. Mother Maya was especially helpful introducing 101 to several residents around Megaton. Once initial introductions were made 101 was able to do odd jobs in and around Megaton; making her own caps and even being offered a vacant shack to use as her own. It was here in Megaton that she learned one of her most important lessons: it pays to help people. Not just in caps, but she learned useful skills and became more confident while helping others. Plus, it just felt good. She even made her first real topside friend: Moira.

Together 101 and Moira penned the popular Wasteland Survival Guide. It was while helping Moira that 101 finally tracked down the first solid lead on her father. "He was headed for the GNR building". She was all set to chase after him, but GNR (Galaxy News Radio) is nestled deep in the DC ruins which, rumor has it, is overrun with Super Mutants. That sounded more than a little problematic. Sure, by this time 101 had taken down a few mole rats and even a handful of Raiders, but Super Mutants were a whole other class of trouble. This did not discourage 101, however. She knew with better equipment and more practice she could definitely cut through a nest of Super Mutants. She just knew it. So rather than heading South-East towards DC, 101 made her way North to deliver a letter and perhaps find more jobs in a new town.

Along the way she ran into a pair of ghouls who offered 101 her first recurring job. "Sugar Bombs for caps". Four times the caps that the traders in Megaton were offering! A fortunate stop indeed. Upon attempting to deliver the letter in Arefu, 101 ran into her first real challenge. Arefu was being terrorized by a "strange" group of Raiders; the citizens unable to help, or even talk to her until this situation was resolved. Well, you may have heard that it was not Raiders giving Arefu so much trouble, but "vampires". Oh, not like in the pre-War stories, certainly not. No, these particular vampires were, in fact, cannibals who were attempting to keep something of a lid on their cravings by "drinking only the blood; not eating the flesh". That seemed reasonable enough and, as they had not attacked her on sight, 101 thought it could prove useful to have a chat with their leader, Vance. Vance was a surprisingly civil fellow and willing to negotiate. He confided in 101 that before founding The Family (as they called themselves) he survived just fine off of blood packs. If 101 could convince the settlers of Arefu to donate blood packs to The Family they would, in turn, protect the town from other dangers in the area. Well, Arefu fairly jumped at this opportunity and 101 did not overlook the rush she got from helping to make peace between the two groups. Unfortunately neither Arefu nor The Family were able to help her much beyond a handful of caps and some spare ammo. 101 was heading back towards Megaton to regroup when she noticed this cozy little dwelling tucked behind an imposing rock formation:

Inside she met Agatha. An older woman surviving on her own by playing violin over the radio to comfort and entertain travelers and traders alike. In turn they provided a drastic discount on the goods she needed to get by. Ah, but Agatha's old handmade violin was nearing the end of its usefulness. She had letters which indicated that her great great grandmother was a phenomenal talent before the War; so good, in fact, that she was admitted into Vault 92 to preserve her talent for the future. If 101 can retrieve her great great grandmother's Stradivarius violin, Agatha would be sure to spread the word among her caravan connections and pass on any leads she came across. That sort of exposure would certainly prove useful, but there was one catch: As far as Agatha has been able to uncover... nobody knows where Vault 92 actually is. 101 made a note in her pip-boy and assured Agatha she would return the violin if she was at all able. As they said their good-byes 101 found herself very curious about what this other Vault was like, assuming she could find it. For now she could only journey forward, preparing herself for the DC ruins and what lay inside.