Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sinful Shine: Prosecco + Water Marble

Okay, what are we doing? Oh, right... hehehe We're starting off with two coats of Sinful Shine (filed under "Sinful Colors" on my stash page and spreadsheet since... well... it's Sinful Colors) which is another precious gifted to me by the amazingly wonderful Leigh Anne:

Sure it's a little sheer, but I knew I could use it as a base for something and the gold sparklies make the VNL less obvious.

True story: I actually didn't need to do any clean up this time! Painted them just like that. *thumbs up*

So... I've been wanting to do a water marble for a while now, but what happened the other morning I can only describe as a temporary insanity. I had picked out some nice Sinful Colors creams in grey, brown and pink; I had tested them and have had them out for a few days now. However. When I went to do my nails I found myself digging through my China Glaze drawer and for reasons that are beyond me I grabbed Poetic and Secret Peri-wink-le.

Thankfully they worked out in the end. I did have some issues with Poetic not wanting to spread and also cleaning out the cup because of the little metallic bits. It's not the most pain-in-my-ass water marble (that prize still goes to this Satin Glam gorgeousness), but it was still fairly frustrating.

See my pinkie there? That's what happens when you don't test your colors first. lol I was thinking veins of the purple, but the bronze overpowered it. So I had to adjust my rings. No big deal really, except one mismatched finger. Sandy wanted me to do neon and I definitely think I'm going to do that next. It feels like I haven't worn neon in a while...

Since I've kind of resigned myself to being on the computer all day making money I'm going to try really hard to get ILNP Missed Calls posted in the next couple of days. Hrm... sadly it doesn't look like the neons that Aaron got for me want to spread in the water... I've still got plenty to try so no worries. Like you're worried... *ahem* Time to get back to the moneymaking since I'm perpetually broke here lately... *sigh*... y'all take care out there and hopefully I'll see you in a couple of days! (^_^)"/"


  1. soooooo cool <3 And I still for the life of me can't create a water marble #noticemesenpai

    1. Have you check out MySimpleLittlePleasues (the r wouldn't fit) on youtube? Especially her older videos she gives a lot of helpful advice.

  2. Three weeks late... I'm so sorry :'(
    Love Sinful Shine although I would definitely use undies as VNL drives me nuts (OCD? Me? Never... ;)
    And I'm so going to check out MySimpleLittlePleasures as, like gin, I can't do a water marble if my life depended on it, but I'm going to try and try (and throw stuff around the room in frustration) and try some more :)

    1. No worries *hugs* I haven't been around much lately myself.


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