Saturday, August 6, 2016

Julep: Wilma & Leo

I was actually going to get this up last night, but we had an impromptu rescue mission in Dallas. The mission was successful and everything is okay so here I am now with two Juleps! Starting off with two coats of Wilma:

I was very pleasantly surprised that the formula for this was pretty great. I had absolutely no issues and it covered really nicely.

I was also pleasantly surprised that Wilma is a pink and gold duochrome! What?!

I went ahead and used Wilma as a base for Leo so I'm not sure if this one is opaque or not.

Leo is a gorgeous regal gold with a nice formula as well. My only issues came from six coats (including base and top) of polish. The pics came out okay, but my thumb had some issues.... *ahem* Anyway...

What's that? Another duochrome?! Gold and green on this one.

So this was fun and full of surprises and I'm glad that Leo the polish lives up to Leo the sign.

I still have some swatches, but I really want to do a water marble. It's been too long. I have my colors picked out it's just so hot I'm having a hard time focusing on doing it. So... wish me luck and I'll see you guys again soon. (^_^)"/"

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