Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Broadway Nails: Sunshine Disco & Sour Apple

Hey, guys. So we've been taking random trips to the Dollar General. I've opted to sit in the car while Aaron runs in (the stores are pretty tiny so there's really no point in an extra body getting in the way) and the last two times he's surprised me with nail polishes. They're only $1 each and I know from experience that cheap can be just as good as (in some cases better than) the more expensive offerings, so... yeah. Some goodness.

I started out with the neon yellow Sunshine Disco; two coats over white. We ran into a streak of foul weather so these pics are taken indoors.

The formula was pretty nice and didn't take too long to dry. It's not the brightest neon yellow ever (that honor still belongs to Sinful Colors Neon Melon) but it is pretty dang bright.

In an attempt to combat the blahs I reached for Sour Apple next. Again, two coats over white.

Like how I haven't even felt up to chopping down my claws? *eye roll* I'll definitely be getting to that tonight...

Sour Apple behaved nicely as well and is definitely an eye-catching green. Even the guy who changes the oil in my car commented on them.

So... yeah, okay. My unworn pile here is getting out of control again. I do have Virgo on the way and will make every effort to post that in a timely manner. I do know what I'm wearing next and will try to get that up before the end of the month. Best of luck to those of you returning to school, and I hope that all of you are well. Take care of yourselves. (^_^)"/"


  1. I really like the green and with the Summer approaching fast it would be cool! Wish i had someone that would spoil me with a random bottle of nail polish kindness! Lucky devil, but do enjoy it hey!

  2. Oh, how sweet of him to get these for you. :) They look like good picks, too.

    1. They are! I have a couple of other good ones I just need to get around to that he picked up for me. :3

  3. Husbands are great at spoiling once they figure out what it is you would love to be spoiled with, right? ;)
    Aaron did great! *looks at own hubby, glances at new fall collections, starts to hatch a plot*


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