Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maybelline: Green With Envy +Stamping

Hey, guys. Back with another polish gifted to me by someone very special. Maybelline Green With Envy. The formula was a little thick so I got some bubbling, but I fixed that with the stamping. First, the color:

I chose the shade picture first because the bubbling is less obvious.

See? The color is really nice, I just think this is a fairly well-loved bottle. Fortunately stamping and topcoat can fix a myriad of "flaws".

All better. ^_^ I used essence Inkheart and this super cool patchworky plate that Norma sent me. Which I absolutely love!! All of the different designs feel like they go together so I can use different parts of the plate and still have my nails look like they match.

Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't try to go for a little too much and ruin a good thing. lol I tried to add this little Buddha with Konad Special White and it didn't quite show up the way I was hoping. Ah well.

This near-perfect stamping attempt got me into the mood for it so I also did this:

I used Barry M Waikiki as the base and Models Own Pray for the stamping. Look! *points* I almost got them all centered! ^_^ Also, I feel I should mention this is from one of the newer Bundle Monster plates (I think these are from a Chinese New Year collection) and the larger "full nail" images were, for the most part, big enough! *throws confetti*

That's all for today. I do have some polish pics waiting around for posting, but I think next I'll probably do a review of this new (to me) contact lens website that I just used and loved. I also need to do a review for these razors. So... there are things coming. Hope everybody is doing well, *HUGS* to everybody and I'll see you soon. (^_^)"/"


  1. OMG... that mint green is gorgeous! And the dark grey stamping makes it even better (and what stamping plate is that? I'm already envisioning decals and more decals ;) The second manicure looks pretty as well, but that first one... awesome!

    1. That would be Bundle Monster plate BM-S116! :D I can't wait to see what fantasticness you come up with for it.


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