Friday, July 22, 2016

Julep: Cancer

So... I tagged this as a "duochrome" even though it's a very subtle effect in this one. Julep Cancer is a sheer (this is three coats) pink-gold duochrome.

The pros are that the formula was pretty easy to work with and actually dried... moderately quickly. Even with two hours before bed after three coats I would have expected sheet/hair marks galore, but I only got the one. Also, it is a very pretty, delicate color.

Even though this color wouldn't normally warrant a video... I decided to do one anyway to see if that helped the duochrome effect show up better.

Can you see it?

Halfway through the zodiac! Yay! I did streamline my maven box to save myself some money. Had a bill I kind of forgot about. *oops* Still getting Leo, though. Obviously? In spite of my unofficial 'no buy' I've managed to amass a renewed collection of unworns. *oops again* I do have a few pics from the past couple of weeks, so... hopefully it won't be terribly long before my next post. Y'all stay safe and cool (or warm?) out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. That's a pretty polish! I would love to use it for stamping, but unfortunately it's sheer... boo Julep!!
    I'll try to stay cool if possible, you know, fans and shade and ice cubes in my drink ;)

    1. I know! I don't understand all the sheerness. hehehe Sounds like you plan on staying cool like a proper Southern Belle. ;) Very classy!


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