Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sinful Colors: Sweet Tooth & China Glaze: Luminous Lavender

Hello, lovelies. This is going to be the first of possibly a handful of mish-mash posts. You'll see. First, though, I'd like to share one of the 'new' Sinful Color texture polishes: Sweet Tooth!

Look how bright! @_@ This is three coats of Sweet Tooth because it was a bit sheer. It's kind of like the Zoya PixieDust textures since it does have a smattering of sparkle. It's more like teeny flakies than glitters.

*oof* I did not expect this to be as bright as it is. I love it!! *hearts* Still trying to hunt down the blue and green ones...

You maybe be wondering if crackle polish works over texture polish. That's... a good question, actually.... *tests*.... *tests a different color*... uhm.... sort of but not really

Hrm... Anyway, and like I said before I was kind of running out of matching pairs; so I just decided to pull out Zoya Marley to pair with China Glaze Luminous Lavender:

Officially 1/3 of the way through my ChG crackles! Exciting.

There we go in the shade. Speaking of exciting! Guess what I got in the mail yesterday. ^_^

If you guessed "nail polish" you deserve a cookie. lol Sorry, Not Sorry and Cash Only which means only two left to complete the collection! *happy dance* I should also be getting my Julep box today or tomorrow. The tracker said "delivered", but mail hasn't come yet and I checked last night. We shall see.

Also, totally unrelated to anything: I opened a SmartyPig account. (not an affiliate link; US citizens can email me if you'd like a referral to help me out) It's like a savings account where you set a goal and it makes automatic deposits (from your funding source) to help you reach your goal. It earns interest like a normal savings account, so... my first savings account! Baby-step adulting. I'm a bit nervous about making sure that extra $10 is in my bank account (in addition to Netflix and the service fee amounts), but... I think I can do it. Don't really have a specific goal, but saving up for a rainy day is good, yeah? Sure. This is going to be a totally non-nail polish set-aside. *nods* Adulting.

Welp, that's enough rambling. Time to get back to making that money. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. Whoot whoot adulting! Makes it more fun to throw off that adult hat and be a kid when you can :)

    I LOOVE the crackle effect over textured! Reminded me of a rock for some reason. A very pretty rock.

    1. Totally, right? One less thing to worry about.

      It does remind me of a rock. I wonder if I can make that work with another more rock-colored texture.... >_>

  2. Adulting?!
    *searches through dictionary and rips out the page with the AD-words on it when no one is looking*
    Doesn't exist in my vocabulary!! :D

    That texture looks great for summer... hope you find the other two :)
    (and so not looking at those Color Clubs! I'm trying to resist the urge to get them myself ;)

    1. LOL Love it. XD Sadly no luck with the other two textures yet... I'm not ready to give up, but I'm running out of stores! *cries*


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