Sunday, May 8, 2016

S-he Stylezone: 311 & China Glaze: Oxidized Aqua

Hey, lovelies. I'm sure most of you will understand I'm kicking off 'that time of the month' with a vengeance (ow) and not really feeling anything, so... bear with me. lol

Okay, so we're starting off with two coats of S-he Stylezone's 311. Fairly quick dry time. Not 100% sure if this is green or blue... I kept thinking it was green, but then it looked more blue and now in the pictures it's leaning green in the thumbnails and blue full size...

311 was a dream to apply. Which is good because what little cleanup I had to do was a sloshy mess since this color (whatever it is lol) is so pigmented.

Back around to metallic crackle with China Glaze Oxidized Aqua. My first ever China Glaze crackle! I had issues with it the first time, and also this time, but thankfully I still have a little polish thinner left.

Little hard to see the contrast in full sun...

That's better.

Gotta share a little Julep love. I was really hoping to post Taurus today, but my maven box never arrived despite being marked as "delivered". I did give it a couple of days before emailing customer service. My CS rep Katie S was really nice and understanding and re-sent my box right away; even though the tracker does say that it was delivered to my address. I really wish it had been, because I really wanted to post Taurus today... and it's almost a $45 box. That's a lot of money to just say "meh" to. So for a bit of good luck and as a "thank you" to Julep's quick and kindly response I'll be featuring two Juleps along with my next crackle on Tuesday. For now I'm going to go track down some chocolate.... y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oh, naming that color is easy... it's a teal :p
    And a gorgeous one as well! If it's that pigmented, you can probably stamp with it *hint hint nudge nudge*
    It looks gorgeous with the aqua crackle too, winning combo there :)

    Soooo... when is Taurus going to arrive now?
    Not that I'm curious or anything...

    1. ROFLMAO!!! Is that what they call that? XD I'm awful.

      The new tracking # says Taurus should be here Saturday! So I'll probably be posting it the following Monday. The 16th. *thumbs up*

  2. Crackle so long no see hehehe. Very nice.


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