Thursday, May 12, 2016

Orly: Thrill Seeker & China Glaze: Cracked Concrete

Hey, guys. Man oh man what a week. lol So today is another one of those polishes that Norma insisted I get. OMG I couldn't be happier!

BAM!! How do you like that in your eye holes? XD Thrill Seeker is a sometimes-yellow sometimes-green neon of epic proportions. I love how freakin' bright this is!! Two moderately quick drying coats over white undies. Absolutely fantastic.

This. Polish. Yes.

Of course I couldn't let a neon this gorgeous just slide by without being brought into the crackle rotation. Thrill Seeker made a glorious base for China Glaze's Cracked Concrete.

Oof... Just look at that. Absolutely no problems with this crackle. As good as it ever was.

I am so happy with this combination.

Brace yourselves. Up next I'm going to have one of the three Color Club Oil Slick polishes I have waiting patiently. Come on back to see which one! hehehehe Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"


  1. Wow... *tries to get sight back into eyes after being blinded*
    That is one great neon! Even I, whose amount of neons is still sad and pitiful, can't do anything but love it!!
    And combined with that gray crackle... I actually want to wear something like that :D

    One of the Oil Slicks... hmmm... *starts to brace herself just in case*

    1. OMG YES!! :D I would absolutely love to see how you incorporate something like this into one of your manis. They're always so creative! <3


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