Friday, May 20, 2016

Models Own: Magpie & China Glaze: Broken Hearted

Hey guys! How's everybody doing today? Good, I hope. Today I have the fantabulous Models Own Magpie sent to me by the darling Norma. *hearts*

OMG!! Absolute polish love. Two coats, dried quickly. It is a bit more green in real life and there is a smidge of texture since I didn't topcoat, but nothing really noticeable unless you're looking for it.

Working our way through the list Magpie made an amazing (and much more contrasty) base for China Glaze's Broken Hearted:

I love that I was able to get the thicker cracks this time so you can see the glitters poking through while leaving the crackle-polish more opaque.

It's that time again! Time to pick or skip your Julep box. Thankfully nothing really grabbed me this month so I was able to skip, but I had to order Gemini. Not just because "well I'm already invested" (which I am), but also because zomg they went chartreuse!

Isn't that lovely?!?! I'll be honest, the few people that I've known as Geminis haven't really thrilled me, so if I have any Gemini readers please feel free to speak up! I probably have a few friends that I don't know are Geminis (I suck at birthdays) so I'm going to have to pay close attention to the facebook notices this cycle.

That's it for me. Shoulder is feeling a little better and I've started doing things to my hair. I kind of miss the purple already, but... time for change. Y'all take care out there and I'll be back in a couple of days with the last of my China Glaze crackles! (^_^)"/"


  1. I LOOOVE this mani on you <3 !!! Can't wait to see the Julep. I might order the whole set when the put it out at the end of the year if it's discounted. We'll see.

    1. OH! I'm about to PM you something. I can't wait to see Gemini either. I don't think I have anything like it. <3

  2. Magpie is so cute! And the combination with Broken Hearted is even better. I really have to dig up my crackles soon... Just checked my birthday calendar and you appear to be right about Geminis ;) The polish looks very promising though!

    1. LOL It's kind of weird how that works, huh? ;)


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