Monday, May 16, 2016

Julep: Taurus & China Glaze: Lightning Bolt

Hey, guys! I got my Julep box!! ^_^ Thanks again to Julep's amazing customer service for getting it to me. I hurt my shoulder pretty badly during the night (and it still hurts) so I'm probably not going to ramble too much, but zomg check this out:

Two coats, no undies. I did topcoat for safety. Taurus is one of those pulverized metallics so cleanup was a bit of a pain, but nothing too terrible. Just little glittery bits sticking everywhere.

So pretty. Like Pisces I'm not 100% sure on the choice of color, but here's what the box says:

*shrugs* Video! I took this last night while the sun was setting.

Today's China Glaze crackle isn't terribly exciting, but Lightning Bolt is a solid polish with a nice crackle and what more can you ask for?

That's it for me. Need to find something to rub on my damn shoulder. Y'all take care out there and I'll be back soon! Hopefully back to 100%... (^_^)"/"


  1. When I read pulverized metallic I was all like 'meh... cute color but that's about it'.
    Then she hits me with those few seconds of video... and now I want access to Julep polishes too if they are this gorgeous!!!
    (btw. how's your shoulder by now? Hopefully all beter *keeps fingers crossed*)

    1. Oh yeah, my shoulder's fine. Totally forgot I had even hurt it. You may be able to find a 3rd party distributor that will ship to you, I don't think that Julep personally ships internationally, though. :(


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