Saturday, May 14, 2016

Color Club: We'll Never Be Royals VS ILNP: Cygnus Loop + China Glaze: Haute Metal

OMG YOU GUYS!! I'm just going to jump right in. Two coats of We'll Never Be Royals. Over black and with topcoat, but man just look:

So smooth and pretty! Oh yeah, I was going to start with "this is going to be a video-heavy post"...

We've got purple, red and orange and they blend seamlessly together. The only thing I could think to compare it to was ILNP Cygnus Loop.

They're actually fairly close-ish minus Cygnus Loop being way more blue than purple.

Crackle time! We're nearing the end of this run. Pairing with We'll Never Be Royals I have Haute Metal:


OH! Tracker says Taurus has been delivered! Time to run to the mailbox. Keep your eyes on my Instagram for first peeks on how the trip turns out. Or wait a couple of days. Whichever. Do what you feel. lol *puts on shoes* Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. Ohhhhhh.... O_O <- speechless when confronted with so much gorgeousness!


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