Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sinful Colors: Why Not & Essence: BBC Chasing Waves & Julep: Nayely

I'm here! With some creams. A whole three because I just ordered next month's Julep box and my untrieds list is getting out of hand. Time to knock some of these out!

Starting with two coats of Sinful Colors Why Not:

It's not as noticeable (on my monitor, at least), but I did have a bit of sleep damage after sitting here for three hours. So that's disappointing, but nothing a little topcoat couldn't fix. Creams are super understanding like that. This color is the real winner. Such a gorgeous blue!

Up next the lovely minty essence BBC Chasing Waves:

Thanks, Norma!! ^_^ A little sheer, but not streaky and dried quickly.

Finally, two coats of Julep Nayely:

I was actually pretty impressed with this one. Dried completely, wasn't streaky, easy to apply. The color isn't something I'd normally go for (it was free with 3 add-ons), but it's good to do something different now and then, yeah?

*phew* Down to under 30 untrieds. *falls over* Got a nice twofer coming up next. Oh! In case you're curious:

So... I could have saved myself some money by skipping the lip oil treatment and just getting Taurus as an add-on, but... I'm curious and the Cher emerald is only $4.99 so why not?

Time to go feed the kitties and get back to Fallout practice. ;) Y'all take care and I'll be back with some fun glitters! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oooohhh... great colors!!!! Why Not looks like a perfect polish for summer and Chasing Waves and Nayely just scream spring. I want to polish my nails... right now!! (why am I still at work?)

    1. OMG! Making money for more nail polish? hehehehe That's definitely where most of my money goes anyway.... ;)

    2. Hehe, same here, although things as groceries and a mortgage take up the biggest chunk :(
      I definitely have to convince hubby dearest he just has to take on an extra paper route to add to my polish budget ;)

    3. Good luck!! Stupid real life getting in the way of nail polish. :(


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