Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sinful Colors: Sky Tree

Hi, guys! Sorry, I'm late... it's been a long day and I nearly forgot. I'm here now, though, with some prettiness!

Sinful Colors Sky Tree! Yes, I have a slight ding, but that was an issue with my basecoat. Sky Tree was pretty amazing, actually. No application issues, dried fairly quickly - and look at that sparkle!!

I couldn't quite capture it, but the shimmer is actually green and purple! Super pretty. Also, the base is probably more green than you're seeing it... it looks blue-ish on my monitor... >_>

So, yeah. Quick post. I'm freaking out a little because I got a safety recall for the airbag inflator in my scootabout car. *sigh* I called and made the appointment, but until Tuesday it's still kind of a rolling death-trap for anybody in the passenger seat. *giggles nervously* Also, I don't wanna go! *cries!!* >_> Yes, I'm being a big baby and I'm sure by the time it's over I'll be all "that wasn't so bad", but still.... don't wanna....


Coming up next I've got a stamping plate review and then Color Club Burnt Out which, spoiler alert, is pretty amazing. I'm really impressed with this Oil Slick collection! Need to get the rest before they disappear.... Anyway, y'all take care out there. Hope you made it through April Fool's day unscathed. I'll be back soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. Sky Tree looks SO pretty! I'm already envisioning this with some black stamping on top so the shimmer peeks through...

    Hope your rolling death trap has returned to it's former safe-as-a-cradle state :)

    1. I did do stamping, but not black.... I should have, though, because that would've been amazing! Why do I never think of these things.... lol

      Yep, safe and sound once again. They even ran a diagnostic scan and everything else looks good, too! Yay! :D


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