Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sally Hansen: Cyber & China Glaze: Gleam Me Up

Today we're starting with two coats of Sally Hansen's HD polish Cyber:

Fabulously bright, shiny purple. I really had a lot of fun just looking at this one.

Fair warning: this is one case where I really should not have skipped basecoat...

Moving right along with our China Glaze crackles; I decided to pair Cyber with Gleam Me Up.

Shot in the sun mostly to appreciate the sparkly glitterness. It does look like this one pulled back the polish a bit, but that's nowhere near as noticeable in real life. Here's a shot in the shade to appreciate the crackleness:

Fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, I think this is one of my most empty bottles:

Doesn't that make you kind of sad? It makes me kind of sad...

*ahem* No sense dwelling on one bottle that's almost 1/3 empty (*cries*) because there are still plenty more! Have a Maybelline Color Show paired with another crackle coming up next. *thumbs up* Sort of running into the problem of the unworns I have left not really matching with the crackles, but... I'll work something out. Determined to showcase these crackles! Y'all take care out there and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. That's pretty empty for a polish fiend! Oh well, she's well loved :)

    1. Right? Makes me worry that one day I'll actually use up a polish that's not just a black or white cream... >_>

  2. That purple... wow!!!!!
    And as the polish proverb says: 'Tis better to be empty and loved, than to never be loved after being swatched.
    Your Gleam-me-up has definitely received a lot of love :)

    1. AH! Best proverb ever!! ^_^ I should make a plaque of that to remind me when I'm sad about using up a polish. :3



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