Friday, April 8, 2016

Orly: Pixie Dust With Norma!!

Yes, my darlings, it's time once again for another Norma-Lizzy double feature! Featuring the double of us and only one of the polish... hehehe *ahem* The polish in question, of course, being Orly Pixie Dust!

Look how pretty! Norma required three coats for opacity; I believe I used two. (mine usually end up on the thick side)

Pixie Dust is a blueish-grey base with some freakin' amazing shimmer that is not shy despite the creamy base.


Great dry time and no application issues. Actually, I wasn't even self-conscious about not doing clean-up for two days until I got around to doing pictures. That's how easily it applied.

Here's a quick shot in the shade:

Because it's hilarious, here is (word for word) Norma's impressions of Pixie Dust:

"Saw you're going to do a post about the Orly I got you so I figured I'd better give you these pics in case you want to include them! I really realllly loved this polish, which surprised me cause a) it's just grey. A pretty grey but I usually like flashy colours and b) usually when I get a lemming I've thirsted after forever I'm disappointed (glares at Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud). I loved the shimmer and was over the moon that it didn't turn into 'hidden shimmer' FUCK I hate hidden shimmer! The formula was okay, three coats. Not mind blowing but not the shit fest I worried it would be from the reviews I read. Can't wait to hear what you thought of her!"

I actually hadn't read any reviews and was still pleasantly surprised. *thumbs up*

So there you have it. Norma and Lizzy agree: Orly Pixie Dust is a winner of a polish; and if you're lucky the seller you get it from will still have the fairy charm intact and that I totally forgot to get a picture of.... *ahem*

Coming up next I will have Julep Aries for your viewing pleasure. Not as interesting as Aquarius, but not as confusing as Pisces. You'll see. ;) Hope everyone's had a fantastic week with an amazing weekend ahead. Y'all take care and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. So pretty!!
    I think I have what looks like Pixie Dust's sister: OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam. I really should dig it up again...

    1. You should! I was going to compare it to OPI I Have A Herring Problem, but then I looked at the bottles and the color and shimmer are different.... So I didn't bother. lol

  2. Really like this colors don't have this one but i agree opi I have a hearing problem to me looks darker and the shimmer is also not too noticeable on the nails.

    1. Herring Problem is definitely darker. I should really re-wear that one since my original pics aren't that great...


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