Monday, April 18, 2016

ILNP: Birefringence

Wow you guys... Birefringence is one of those colors that had me asking "what took me so long?!?!". While nothing (so far) has come close to the absolute gorgeousness of Mutagen, Birefringence runs a very close second.

Two coats over black, plus topcoat because I couldn't risk it.

Just look at that color shift! @_@ Birefringence is much more than just a fantabulous blue-purple, though. There's fuchsia, green, orange, gold...

I could not stop looking at my nails and only removed her because I got a couple chips picking up my dad (and all his truck stuff) from Dallas. *sigh*

Also, either my phone or computer updated and now it's not flipping the videos the way it has been. *ggrr* And with Windows Movie Maker being totally uncooperative all of a sudden...

I swear I'll get that sorted. I know it's painfully annoying. Hopefully you can still see the many many color changes.

I gots more nail mail!

A parcel of preciouses from Norma! ^_^ I'm currently knocking out a couple that have been sitting patiently, but I'm absolutely doing one of those Models Own Speckled Egg polishes next. hehehe I already did a sheerness test and I'm super impressed. Shouldn't even need undies! Even so I think I'll go with Duck (the blue one) first.

So, yes, to recap: if you can only ever get two ILNP ultra-chromes - get Mutagen and Birefringence. Zero chance for disappointment considering the cost. Up next is a grab-bag of stuffs then Models Own! Another brand I'd totally throw into my bug-out bag. *ahem* Hope everyone has a fantastic week! See y'all soon. (^_^)"/"


  1. *stares at monitor... is speechless (which is a very rare state to be in for me!!)*

    1. It really is that amazing. More than my pictures show, even! So glad I finally got my hands on it. ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. It is! <3 I already want to wear it again. ^_^


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