Saturday, April 30, 2016

Maybelline: Fierce N Tangy & China Glaze: Crushed Candy

Just a quick post today. Starting with three (necessary) coats of Maybelline Fierce N Tangy:

Yep, a bit sheer. Not terribly patchy, though, and a very bright yellow. A bit of sleep damage, but since it's a cream topcoat would fix that right up.

Fierce N Tangy made an exceptional base color for China Glaze Crushed Candy:

Bright and fun springtime combination. A stark contrast to the weather we've been having. Since this is such a short post, here's a quick video of last night's storm (after the hail stopped... I was having issues with my phone *ugh*) to occupy you for another 30seconds or so. ;)

We lost internet for the night and there was a loud glass shatter noise, but Aaron says the car windows are fine and that's what really matters.

Off to grab lunch and make sure the outside strays made it through the night okay. They're resourceful; I'm sure they're fine. Y'all take care out there. Anybody else getting crazy "April Showers"? Stay safe and I'll I've a threefer for ya Monday to tide you over 'til I get back from another round of camping. Assuming we don't get rained out. Hrm. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sally Hansen: Cyber & China Glaze: Gleam Me Up

Today we're starting with two coats of Sally Hansen's HD polish Cyber:

Fabulously bright, shiny purple. I really had a lot of fun just looking at this one.

Fair warning: this is one case where I really should not have skipped basecoat...

Moving right along with our China Glaze crackles; I decided to pair Cyber with Gleam Me Up.

Shot in the sun mostly to appreciate the sparkly glitterness. It does look like this one pulled back the polish a bit, but that's nowhere near as noticeable in real life. Here's a shot in the shade to appreciate the crackleness:

Fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, I think this is one of my most empty bottles:

Doesn't that make you kind of sad? It makes me kind of sad...

*ahem* No sense dwelling on one bottle that's almost 1/3 empty (*cries*) because there are still plenty more! Have a Maybelline Color Show paired with another crackle coming up next. *thumbs up* Sort of running into the problem of the unworns I have left not really matching with the crackles, but... I'll work something out. Determined to showcase these crackles! Y'all take care out there and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

S-he Stylezone: 329 & China Glaze: Fault Line

Hello and good evening! That's... that's what time it is for me. lol Today I have something special from the super talented gin; a brand that's completely new to me: S-he Stylezone in color 329.

Lookit that. No cleanup! Two coats, applied so easily, dried pretty quickly. I love that it's not your basic red. Also, there's shimmer:

So cool! I do have a green one that will be showing up eventually. As it is I'm super impressed with S-he Stylezone. *thumbs up*

Did I mention no cleanup? O_O!

So, working through the crackle collection today I have China Glaze Fault Line:

Well what do ya know? I got the thicker cracks that I was looking for last time. *teehee* I wonder which topcoat I used last time, because this actually looks pretty shiny to me. *shrugs* CRACKLE!!

Coming up next I have a stunning SH purple which I'll be pairing with one of the glitter crackles! I love the glitter crackles. Still have a ton of unworn polishes and thirteen more cracking topcoats to go through. Hope you're ready to come along for the ride! Y'all take care and stay safe out there. I'll see ya again soon! (^_^)"/"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sinful Colors: Aced Out & China Glaze: Cracked Medallion

Hello, dolls! Back from dropping my dad back off in Dallas so he can get back on the road. *sigh* Ah well... routine resumed.

So we're starting with a Sinful Colors from... crud... *runs to google* Play Your Cards Right (I'm going to forget that by the next one...) collection: Aced Out!

Two coats, fairly quick dry time. Aced Out is a gorgeous dark smokey grey with some rainbow of shimmer. Not, like, holo or anything. Just a really pretty shimmer.

I feel like it's looking matte, but it really isn't. You can kind of see the shine better in the shade:

I really like this one. *thumbs up*

But wait! There's more! The amazing KarenD found some obscure OPI shatter polishes which got me all excited for crackle. So I decided to dig through my China Glaze drawer for my collection of ChG crackles (which you can see on my Instagram here) and since none of them are dried out or weird... I'm going to go through them all again!

Once again I present China Glaze Cracked Medallion!

Huzzah! Fancy. I love crackle polishes. Such a quick and easy way to change things up without having to take everything off and start from scratch. Fourteen more to come!

Welp, that's it for me. Trip was much longer than it should have been and I'm beat. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

Friday, April 22, 2016

Models Own: Duck & Color Club: Oh Boy!

Yes, I'm late again. Took a nap earlier and then I got stuck in Fallout... Look what I did!

There's a co-op on the westish side of the map. I'm turning it into a Yao Guai (think zombie bear) preserve (yes, really) and decided to play around and turn one of the cabins into a "party room". New survival mode should be updating soon so this is all mostly just practice, research and brainstorming because I will be starting over once that launches.

Anywho, got some pretty pretty preciouses from my darling Norma, so let's get to that, shall we?

Up first, two coats of Models Own Duck over SC Why Not:

I absolutely love the glitter in this! It pops really nicely against the bright blue while also achieving that look of depth you get with the opacity of the polish partially covering the glitters underneath. Fantastic. I'm going to hold off on Magpie (you know I love my greens) for a day when I really need a pick-me-up.

Similarly, but also in stark contrast, Color Club's Oh Boy! is way more sheer. A fact that is quite obvious on the brush so I'm glad I layered it over essence BBC Chasing Waves:

Similar because of the black glitters, though Oh Boy! does have a wider variety of glitter sizes; also white glitters. Very fun. I really like black and/or matte glitters. Edgy. *nods*

So. Yes. I had some difficulty deciding on a polish so next I have a Sinful Colors and a glitter. Then I'll get back to my queue because I'm super curious about the S-he Stylezone polishes that gin sent. Hope everyone is staying warm and dry. I've heard rumors of cold/wet weather all over the place. Y'all take care and I'll see ya soon! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sinful Colors: Why Not & Essence: BBC Chasing Waves & Julep: Nayely

I'm here! With some creams. A whole three because I just ordered next month's Julep box and my untrieds list is getting out of hand. Time to knock some of these out!

Starting with two coats of Sinful Colors Why Not:

It's not as noticeable (on my monitor, at least), but I did have a bit of sleep damage after sitting here for three hours. So that's disappointing, but nothing a little topcoat couldn't fix. Creams are super understanding like that. This color is the real winner. Such a gorgeous blue!

Up next the lovely minty essence BBC Chasing Waves:

Thanks, Norma!! ^_^ A little sheer, but not streaky and dried quickly.

Finally, two coats of Julep Nayely:

I was actually pretty impressed with this one. Dried completely, wasn't streaky, easy to apply. The color isn't something I'd normally go for (it was free with 3 add-ons), but it's good to do something different now and then, yeah?

*phew* Down to under 30 untrieds. *falls over* Got a nice twofer coming up next. Oh! In case you're curious:

So... I could have saved myself some money by skipping the lip oil treatment and just getting Taurus as an add-on, but... I'm curious and the Cher emerald is only $4.99 so why not?

Time to go feed the kitties and get back to Fallout practice. ;) Y'all take care and I'll be back with some fun glitters! (^_^)"/"

Monday, April 18, 2016

ILNP: Birefringence

Wow you guys... Birefringence is one of those colors that had me asking "what took me so long?!?!". While nothing (so far) has come close to the absolute gorgeousness of Mutagen, Birefringence runs a very close second.

Two coats over black, plus topcoat because I couldn't risk it.

Just look at that color shift! @_@ Birefringence is much more than just a fantabulous blue-purple, though. There's fuchsia, green, orange, gold...

I could not stop looking at my nails and only removed her because I got a couple chips picking up my dad (and all his truck stuff) from Dallas. *sigh*

Also, either my phone or computer updated and now it's not flipping the videos the way it has been. *ggrr* And with Windows Movie Maker being totally uncooperative all of a sudden...

I swear I'll get that sorted. I know it's painfully annoying. Hopefully you can still see the many many color changes.

I gots more nail mail!

A parcel of preciouses from Norma! ^_^ I'm currently knocking out a couple that have been sitting patiently, but I'm absolutely doing one of those Models Own Speckled Egg polishes next. hehehe I already did a sheerness test and I'm super impressed. Shouldn't even need undies! Even so I think I'll go with Duck (the blue one) first.

So, yes, to recap: if you can only ever get two ILNP ultra-chromes - get Mutagen and Birefringence. Zero chance for disappointment considering the cost. Up next is a grab-bag of stuffs then Models Own! Another brand I'd totally throw into my bug-out bag. *ahem* Hope everyone has a fantastic week! See y'all soon. (^_^)"/"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

OPI: I Have A Herring Problem & Beauty Women: "Teal"

So... I don't even know. I had a whole funny story and stuff and was going to do some nail art, but it looked terrible, but since I had to redo this polish anyway here's OPI I Have A Herring Problem... oh... apparently I re-did it already...

Well there it is for a third time. I also had some borked nail art with Beauty Women "Teal". I couldn't find a color name on this one.

This polish has the most adorable ice cream cone bottle shape and the polish itself is amazing. So smooth and opaque and bright.

So, up next will be Birefringence before another big chop. Can't even say I'm knocking 'em down since I keep running into more Sinful Colors I have to have... ah well. Gives me something to do, I guess. Y'all take care out there. (^_^)"/"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Essence: Feel The Vibe

Hi, guys. Just a quick little post today. Essence Feel The Vibe!

Third polish from the Love & Sound trend edition. Two coats, fairly quick dry time (it's been humid) and you know I love the color. ^_^

Yeah... weather's been weird so not much difference between sun and shade. I wanted to stamp on this one, but... stuff keeps coming up.

I do have some stamping for the next post if I can manage to get pics of it. Also, going to be chopping my nails soon so expect Birefringence before that happens. I need food... and possibly chocolate (*ugh*) so I'll see y'all again in a few days. (^_^)"/"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Julep: Aries

There are two types of Aries'. The fight-picking hot-head and the hard-working protector with a joy for life. (speaking in very general terms, obviously) Fortunately I am well acquainted with the latter type and am pleased to announce that Julep Aries is Aries approved!

Ready for some weirdness? This is two coats of Aries over Sally Hansen Titanium Chrome... lookit my pinkie there. *points* Does it look like I'm wearing undies? o_O? Always an adventure, man, I'm tellin' ya...

Anyway, Aries is a vibrant, daring, shimmery red which is perfect for this sign. I'm.... pretty sure I topcoated just to be sure I didn't screw it up in the night. >_>

Next zodiac polish is Taurus which I'm super excited about. Next post will be essence Feel The Vibe. *happy dance* Slowly working my way down the line. Ever stop and wonder "why on Earth do I have over 1000 bottles of nail polish?!" and then look at all the pretty colors and realize "oh yeah, that's why"? hehehehe Confession: since "what if there was a zombie apocalypse" became a thing I've tried to think of which extra special pretties would go in my bugout bag and... *sigh* If I ever have to leave in a hurry I'm in big trouble. XD My ILNPs for sure are coming with me. Some colors I could probably pick up breaking into a store, but Models Own! Nails Inc! Ludurana! Limited Edition no-longer-available-unless-you-sell-your-soul-to-a-former-polish-junkie-who-is-currently-destashing polishes!! O_O!!! Then the panic sets in... because, seriously, you never know....

*ahem* Time to go get lunch. Y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/"

and beware impending dooooooooommmmmmmm....... O_O

I'm going now....

Friday, April 8, 2016

Orly: Pixie Dust With Norma!!

Yes, my darlings, it's time once again for another Norma-Lizzy double feature! Featuring the double of us and only one of the polish... hehehe *ahem* The polish in question, of course, being Orly Pixie Dust!

Look how pretty! Norma required three coats for opacity; I believe I used two. (mine usually end up on the thick side)

Pixie Dust is a blueish-grey base with some freakin' amazing shimmer that is not shy despite the creamy base.


Great dry time and no application issues. Actually, I wasn't even self-conscious about not doing clean-up for two days until I got around to doing pictures. That's how easily it applied.

Here's a quick shot in the shade:

Because it's hilarious, here is (word for word) Norma's impressions of Pixie Dust:

"Saw you're going to do a post about the Orly I got you so I figured I'd better give you these pics in case you want to include them! I really realllly loved this polish, which surprised me cause a) it's just grey. A pretty grey but I usually like flashy colours and b) usually when I get a lemming I've thirsted after forever I'm disappointed (glares at Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud). I loved the shimmer and was over the moon that it didn't turn into 'hidden shimmer' FUCK I hate hidden shimmer! The formula was okay, three coats. Not mind blowing but not the shit fest I worried it would be from the reviews I read. Can't wait to hear what you thought of her!"

I actually hadn't read any reviews and was still pleasantly surprised. *thumbs up*

So there you have it. Norma and Lizzy agree: Orly Pixie Dust is a winner of a polish; and if you're lucky the seller you get it from will still have the fairy charm intact and that I totally forgot to get a picture of.... *ahem*

Coming up next I will have Julep Aries for your viewing pleasure. Not as interesting as Aquarius, but not as confusing as Pisces. You'll see. ;) Hope everyone's had a fantastic week with an amazing weekend ahead. Y'all take care and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Born Pretty Store "Star Tree" Stamping Plate BP43 review

Hello, lovelies! Today I'm reviewing one of the Born Pretty Store stamping plates I recently ordered: Star Tree Stamping Plate BP43!

I love these larger quad-image plates. You've likely witnessed my struggles with smaller images when my nails start getting long, but this takes care of that problem. As long as I let my nails get, these images have been able to cover them. *thumbs up*

I started my experimenting with this plate using essence Tea-pical British and Konad Special White:

So far so good! No problems at all with the image transferring. Then I included essence Pink Up Your Life and really went to town:

So much pink, but still pretty! I found it really easy to double-stamp by turning the plate so I didn't have to worry about turning the stamper and messing everything up. (by having the design overlap itself evenly... it's happened)

Up next I paired Sinful Colors Sky Tree with Models Own Chrome Silver and the "chinaberry" design:

I don't know exactly if this image is supposed to be anything, but it reminds me of chinaberries. Again, no problems getting the image to transfer.

Since Joyce was wondering about the stampability of the Oil Slick polishes and I do have two more designs to showcase... I decided it was time for a little more experimentation. Bring in the palette!

Left to right: Color Club Don't Kale My Vibe, Burnt Out and We'll Never Be Royals over white and black. So much prettiness. Each of the polishes worked quite well and all of the designs transferred very easily. I did this in kind of a hurry so *thumbs up* on this.

If you'd like to try Star Tree Stamping Plate BP43 for yourself, just click that link there and don't forget my code: EMX31 for 10% off and always free shipping! Hope you guys enjoyed this review. I'll see you again soon with more pretty pretty polish. (^_^)"/"

Monday, April 4, 2016

Color Club: Burnt Out

omg you guys... Once again we have a case of polish = amazeballs & Lizzy = spazzy...

Two coats of Burnt Out over black. I think I must have not waited long enough between coats, because it was a good hour after the last one when I went to bed. *ggrrr* Still...

Burnt Out is seriously gorgeous. Shifting from red-orange to golden to green with ease.

*dies* I got video! In my 2nd spazzy moment apparently I forgot to hold my stupid phone sideways and windows movie maker was being uncooperative, so...

*sigh*... Let's just pretend like I don't suck so bad?

Stamping next, then a pretty that I got from Norma. I haven't screwed it up yet so *fingers crossed* Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! (^_^)"/"

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sinful Colors: Sky Tree

Hi, guys! Sorry, I'm late... it's been a long day and I nearly forgot. I'm here now, though, with some prettiness!

Sinful Colors Sky Tree! Yes, I have a slight ding, but that was an issue with my basecoat. Sky Tree was pretty amazing, actually. No application issues, dried fairly quickly - and look at that sparkle!!

I couldn't quite capture it, but the shimmer is actually green and purple! Super pretty. Also, the base is probably more green than you're seeing it... it looks blue-ish on my monitor... >_>

So, yeah. Quick post. I'm freaking out a little because I got a safety recall for the airbag inflator in my scootabout car. *sigh* I called and made the appointment, but until Tuesday it's still kind of a rolling death-trap for anybody in the passenger seat. *giggles nervously* Also, I don't wanna go! *cries!!* >_> Yes, I'm being a big baby and I'm sure by the time it's over I'll be all "that wasn't so bad", but still.... don't wanna....


Coming up next I've got a stamping plate review and then Color Club Burnt Out which, spoiler alert, is pretty amazing. I'm really impressed with this Oil Slick collection! Need to get the rest before they disappear.... Anyway, y'all take care out there. Hope you made it through April Fool's day unscathed. I'll be back soon! (^_^)"/"