Saturday, March 5, 2016

Holo Combo Stamping

Hello, beautifuls. Once again this was not quite what I originally had in mind, but overall I'm fairly happy. It is very beautiful.

I began with two coats of Polish Yer Hooves' Friday, Angus Friday and stamped this knot pattern (Bundle Monster BM-S230) with Color Club Worth The Risque. My original intent was to layer PYH Warm Kitty over Friday, Angus Friday, but then I got caught up in stamping... that's where that lone kitty glitter came from. On my right hand...

I opted instead for an accent of LA Colors' Sparkling Diamond. I think that looks much better. Video!

So pretty! Sometimes it helps to take a break from wading through the unworn pile.

Speaking of unworns: I have two coming up next. Also, according to the tracker I should be getting my Julep box today! Keep your eyes on Instagram for that. Tuesday we're heading to Austin for the Mark Mothersbaugh exhibit at Jones Center. Assuming photography is allowed (it always has been so far, but according to the site there can be exceptions so we'll find out when we get there if this is one or not) I'll have a post on that as well. I'm super excited. Uhm.... I think that's it? *shrugs* I guess we'll find out when it happens. Starting to warm up here in Texas. Hope the rest of you are experiencing fair weather as well. Take care and I will see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. Love the one kitty glitter!!

  2. Hehe, it looks like your right ring finger is sticking out it's tongue ;)
    Both the holo base and the stamping look great *scribbles down name of plate... doesn't have that one yet and wants all... ALL... muahahahaha... oops, evil grabby person showing*

    1. All the things!! hehehe I don't know if you'd be able to find it cheaper elsewhere, but since I suck SO BAD at remembering to get pics of the plates, here's the link:

      *is a dirty little enabler* ;)


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