Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Essence: Make Life A Festival & Tea-pical British

Hello, dolls. Got a twofer for ya today! I have got to catch up a bit. So we are starting off with three coats of Make Life A Festival:

Yep, three. Also, for some reason, this one took a bit longer to dry than I expected. Still, the color and texture are nice.

Still a smidge of PDL there... *sigh* Orangey colors are never nice to me. Still pretty, though. And it wasn't as sheer as Tea-pical British:

I believe this was also three coats (I really should write these things down), but it did dry really quickly and fear not because I have some super cute stamping with this one which will be coming soon!

So *teehee* yesterday after getting the oil changed in my car I made a quick(ish) trip into Ulta (because it's right there!) and while I didn't get any nail polish this time (OMG!!) I did find some interesting hair stuff on clearance:

The dye, shampoo and conditioner actually rang up as $2.49 so all of this was just a little over $10! O_O I've never tried the Jerome Russel Punky Color before, but I saw some great reviews online and they don't test on animals so double bonus. Forgot to check about the other two... *runs to google* Looks like Rusk is okay (final product not tested; ingredients may be by their suppliers that sort of thing), but I couldn't find anything on Mark Hill.... *GROANS* Can we just end this nonsense already?! I'm tired of stressing about it...

*sigh* Anyway, so far I've got a Sinful Colors lined up next, but if I can manage to get pics of the last Julep "chrome" I'll post that first. Oh! I did order Aries so that'll be coming soon. Now I can't wait for Taurus. ^_^ My backlog is still crazy, but I'm working on it. Times like this I almost wish I had a child so s/he could help me out here. lol Almost, but not quite. *ahem* Time to get back to making money so I can cover Netflix next month. Y'all take care out there!! (^_^)"/"


  1. Make Life a Festival is pretty but ehm... does that sticker say Matt? ;)
    Tea-pical British without anything on it isn't really my cup of tea <- see what I did there!! :D
    There is something about that finish keeps making me scroll up to look at it though. I expect it looks great with stamping.

    1. LOL Yeah, it's a European brand, so I guess that has something to do with the missing "e"? That's what I always assumed anyway.

      HA! Nice. *hehehe* It really does have a nice, soft finish. <3

    2. Hehe, I know. It's actually the cheapie-cheapie drugstore brand over here. It's even cheaper than Catrice. But what I meant was that is so NOT matt(e) ;)

      I'm going to check out the Essence shelf next time I have to get stuff at the drugstore. I think I've suddenly run out of... eh... toothpaste! Yep, that's it, toothpaste!

    3. *looks* huh.... that really isn't very matte, is it? XD Ah well.

      Oh, totally! Can never have too much toothpaste!

  2. these look amazing on ya - i hope u r enjoying them all - i still have a bunch here waiting for ya :)

    1. Loving them!! <3 I'll let you know when I'm ready for another swap. ^_^ Should have some money coming in the next month or so.


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