Friday, February 12, 2016

Zoya: Serenity & Sinful Colors: Love Bombs

Hey, guys! A little late today, but better late than never! My untried queue is getting a bit long so I really need to keep on top of this. ;)

Starting off with two coats of Zoya Serenity which is downright delicious!

Super creamy consistency, gorgeous purple color... little slow to dry and I did get some tipwear after a couple of days, but omg the color...

Definitely one of my favorite purple creams.

Of course I can't leave a simple cream unglittered (well, I can...) so I topped it off with one coat of Sinful Colors Love Bombs:

Love Bombs is a "Limited Time" polish... for Valentine's Day, I would assume. It's got a crazy smattering of teeny silver, tiny red and small pink hex glitters... plus some blue hearts, but I couldn't manage to dig any of those out. The base looks like it's ever-so-slightly tinted pink.

So there's that.

Up next I will have ILNP Bishop!!! It's not what I was expecting, but it's still gorgeous. Trying to figure out which of these I'm going to wear next... as soon as I have time! OMG I've got a lot of clothes I can't find so I'm going on a mass-laundry binge (and purge) this weekend. It really needs to be done. For those of you waiting on packages from me: I swear I will get right on that. In the meantime, y'all take care out there! (^_^)"/" Love you guys!


  1. Serenity looks great on you! Funny how it's purely purple in the sunshine but seems to be more blueish in the shade. The glitter... not so sure on the milky base but it's a nice combo with Serenity :)

    1. Oh, and be careful with the washing machine! They're supposed to eat socks so who knows what else they might devour ;)

    2. hehehe Yeah, I've lost a great many socks over the years.... ;) I did get everything washed, still can't find my two favorite shirts... >_< Going to have to suck it up and start digging through the shed...


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