Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ILNP: Bishop

Just got back from the Deadpool movie. *thumbs up* Hilarious. Now that that's out of the way - ILNP Bishop!

This is two coats of Bishop over black. I expected Bishop to be much more yellow... although I guess it does kind of look more yellow in the shade.

Bishop shifts between this sort of antique yellow-ish gold to green to green-blue? Here's what ilnp.com says, "Bishop is a uniquely regal Ultra Chrome that shifts from a refined gold to a light olive-green. You may even notice subtle hints of greyish blue in the right lighting conditions". There. Video!

There it is.

Coming up next I'll have a Sinful Color swatch and a #SBBNailChallenge!! I'm totally loving it. Still no word on Julep Pisces which is starting to concern me... I think next I'm going to... go with Zoya Tris. Why not? Hope everyone's having a fantastic year so far. See you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. There she goes again... trying to lure me into ILNP multichrome country with way too pretty swatches! (and I'm not sure how long I'll be able to resist if you keep showing off those beauties ;)

    1. hehehe Well then lucky for you this is my last one at the moment. :3

    2. Too late, I already want them all (oh, alright, Mutagen did that, to be honest, but this isn't helping to strengthen my resolve one bit ;)


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