Friday, February 26, 2016

China Glaze: Side-Saddle & LA Colors: Sparkling Diamond

*falls into the room* Hey guys... *snores*.... >_> I was putzing around the iheartradio app and found a station for "lucid dreaming music" and thought "Well, why don't we give this a shot?" and, well... the reason is that I have a hard time actually falling asleep with music, tv, movies going on in the background. My brain wants to hear it. Video games, for some reason, have the opposite effect. Music, though... I dunno, man. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks to see if I can get used to it (people can get used to anything with enough exposure) so bear with me if I go a little insane in the meantime. I'm so sleepy...

*ahem* While perusing head2toebeauty for stuff to search for on Swagbucks I kept coming across the Rodeo Diva collection. The more I see it the more I like it and... I put a few on my amazon wishlist..... *looks innocent* Side-Saddle was particularly cheap so I went ahead and ordered it.

Two coats, quick drying. Loving the rich color and sparkle.

Can I stop forgetting how amazing China Glaze is and get more of these? XD Seriously, just look at that shimmer!!

So, I ran into this problem now where my unworn glitters aren't really looking like they'd pair well with the other unworns I have sitting out.... but I think Side-Saddle and Sparkling Diamond look okay together.

Yeah? This is one coat; no fishing and naturally applied. Very nice. *thumbs up*

Up next I've got Julep Katie paired with an oldie-but-okayee glitter and some stamping... followed by... something... I will have another Norma And Lizzy Double Feature coming up soon, so that's exciting. Oops, almost time to feed the cats. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun and staying safe and all that good stuff. See y'all soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. cute combination with the glitter :)

  2. Lovely color and that glitter looks pretty good too :)
    It's only natural you bought Side-Saddle. I mean, you just HAVE to buy the really priced down ones or they'll start to collect dust and feel lonely and all and there's almost no sadder thing than a crying bottle of nail polish. Nope, can't have that. You actually did that polish a favor to make sure it has a nice, welcoming home amongst it's peers... (did that work? Tried it on hubby but he kept looking at me as if I was going even more nuts than usual ;)

    1. OMG Exactly! I was talking to a friend and he was about to throw out a ton of polish his ex had left behind. O_O Like, no, just box it up and I'll come get it. We have to give these preciouses a loving home!!

    2. Throw out polish? THE HORROR!!!
      You did save those poor innocent orphans, right?

      Hehe, had to snigger about the preciouses. Hubby keeps going all Gollum on me when I'm checking out new polishes online: "My Preciousssss..."

    3. Not yet. Haven't gotten out, but I will! Can't have poor orphans just being thrown in the dump. Also, cuz that's bad for the environment. >_> hehehe That's exactly how I feel sometimes. I've never seen the movies, but I've seen enough. XD


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