Monday, January 25, 2016

Harebrained Period Panties Review

Hey, guys! Something a little different today. This is the "hopefully funny" post I alluded to... *ahem*... last year. A few months ago my friend, Marie, posted up some pictures of the super whimsical Harebrained Period Panties and I fell in love. Unfortunately I was in the midst of saving up for the xbox so I had to wait. Finally finally I was able to get some when they went on sale.

Now... I don't know what other kinds of products are out there (some of my friends seemed confused when I tried to explain these to them), but these do not double as pads. They do, however, offer a bit of fun and whimsy during what can be a very frustrating time of the month and also serve as a non-verbal warning to your S.O. that "now's probably not a good time". In addition to some functionality that I will get to momentarily.

Harebrained's Period Panties retail for $12/pair which is a bit pricey so I only got one pair to start. Had to make sure they fit and that I liked them in person. I did! So I got my other five pairs during their 5/$40 Black Friday sale. It pays to check back from time to time to see if they're running a promotion. Currently there are twelve designs available with more coming this Spring! I'm so excited. ^_^ Here are the six pairs that I currently have:

Rainbo: First Blood and Flesh Wound which was my first pair because I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. ;) Big Monty Python fans over here.

Crime Scene and Redrum -- also a huge Stephen King fan.

Finally Call of Cunthulhu (the green did it) and Camp Blood because I'm evil and it just tickled me how much Aaron loves Jason, but hates these panties. hehehehe (there's supposed to be a cute Freddy version coming that I will be getting)

So, let's talk function! Harebrained's Period Panties are now available in brief and boy-cut style. As you can see I prefer briefs. The material is on the thick side so they feel really sturdy which is a nice feeling when you're already trying to keep things contained. I used the sizing chart available on their site (provided on each pair's page for convenience) and mine fit perfectly. Snug so I know they won't fall down or bunch up, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable. There is plenty of give. The best part?

The extended black panel, because there are few things worse than totally ruining a super cute pair of $12 panties. Norma and I had an in-depth conversation on many things vagina related and the utter uselessness of the oddly placed cotton panel, which I just learned is called a gusset, was one of those things. We've both experienced problems with the gusset not being positioned properly as far as various discharge so it is a blessing that Harebrained designed their panties with the panel going clear up the front. Even us die-hard tampon users who don't also use pantyliners are protected. (I know a lot of people do, I just can't. I can feel it down there and suddenly become hyper-aware and self-conscious)

So there you have it. Not my normal kind of post, but I thought these were worth sharing. Okay.... so I'm a dope and can't find the teaser picture for the upcoming pairs. Off the top of my head I remember Freddy, Dr Who and I think Alice In Wonderland? Freddy and Dr Who for sure. Uhm.... I think that's it. Coming up next I have essence Indian Summer, some goodies from bornprettystore and Julep Elsa. Yeah, I've been busy. lol Hope everyone is staying safe and warm wherever you are. Take care and I'll see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. aww these are amazing!!!! and such a cool post <3

  2. Hehe, these are so cool! I showed them to my S.O. and he thought they were hilarious :)

    1. omg That's awesome! XD I'm glad he liked them. lol

  3. OOOH these look like they are made of really good material. And I LOVE the crotch (gusset - learn something new every day). God knows the ones in regular panties are useless as tits on a bull >_<

    1. They really are super high quality! You can never really be sure ordering online, but these are total winners.

      HAHAHAHA tits on a bull XD


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