Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zoya: Aggie + Comparison

Good morning, everybody! I woke up way too early today. Going to try to push through and hopefully crash hard tonight. In the meantime I have some extra pretty prettiness to share, so let's get to it!

Starting off with two coats (I'm pretty sure it was two) of Zoya Aggie!

Aggie is a green-goldish duochrome with some subtle flecks of shimmer thrown in. The color shifts are much more noticeable in low light:

I should have used the other picture.... *ahem* Also, video helps.

I'm not generally a fan of gold, but Aggie comes off more bronze and very Fall appropriate.

So, what do I have to compare this with?

China Glaze Rare & Radiant and Eye Candy Liquid Gold. Exciting!

China Glaze is the most duochrome out of the three (still don't get everyone's problem with that collection...), Eye Candy and Zoya are very close to being dupes...


Eye Candy's Liquid Gold has a smidge more green while Zoya's Aggie is a tad brighter and has those flakes I mentioned earlier. Extremely close, but not quite dupes. More video!

Three more days 'til Fallout 4!! I'm so ready. Mostly ready; our costumes aren't quite done yet, but close. I did get my Juleps and totally deleted the pic, but... you can see it by clicking here! Isn't that handy? I'm going to find something to keep me awake. lol Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! (^_^)"/"


  1. That's a stunning idea to play a short play clip for nail photos, some times i have such a difficulty with certain polish to give it a true reflection, but my cam always gives my purple a blueish colour!

    1. Mine does that, too! Purple is so hard to get accurate. I've found the videos help if there's more than one color in the polish, also for holos to really show off the sparkle. :)

  2. Ooh, Aggie looks quite nice actually. I'm skipped it as I thought it would be just green-gold but the bronze makes it really pretty!

    Hehe, it's not as if you're counting down until the 10th, right? ;)
    I mean, someone over here just about flipped when he heard some console players actually got their game early and he could hardly contain himself when he realized he could pre-download the entire 26 GB thing so he would be all done on release date...
    Nah, no one is counting the days... absolutely no one... :D

    1. We just found out yesterday that the store we are getting it from is doing an early release! O_O I don't understand it, but I guess if everybody is having to download/install it (I don't know how PS4 works, but the XboxOne automatically installs the games) then it would be like playing on the actual date? I dunno. I feel old because everything is getting so complicated. XD


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