Monday, November 23, 2015


There's always that one friend... whenever I ask "pick a color" I usually get "pink" or "purple"; imagine my surprise a couple of days ago when I received "black" instead. o_O Sure! It was actually the perfect opportunity to pull a mani off of my ever growing (and probably mostly forgotten) "to do" list. *thumbs up*

For any of you who've been sitting around wondering this whole time... essie's Belugaria is pretty much a textured version of Orly's Androgynie. Just with a bit more glitter.

And to satisfy Joyce's curiosity over the stampability of the new Julep Matte Metallics:

Here's a quick stamp-test with Julep's Jo. It works great! If it looks a little wonky that's because I need to invest in one of those larger squishy stampers. Which I will. It's on The List.

Yep, just a quickie post. Up next I'll have a comparison between Sinful Colors Chalk It Up and essie's Yespadrilles. That'll be fun and knock two off of my untrieds. Then I'll get back to working on the Juleps before my December box arrives. Hope everyone is staying warm. It got hella cold here real quick... Take care out there! (^_^)"/"


  1. Wow, Jo stamps great! And Androgynie is a great base for that silver stamp. I guess I'll never get used to Belugaria but it looks nice next to it's toned down sister :)

    1. It is definitely an acquired taste for polish. lol I actually like it more than the new/old Magical PixieDust polishes Zoya put only if only because Belugaria is opaque and I couldn't get the Zoyas fully opaque without undies. -_- I did order the big squishy stamper and a metal scraper (I use an old gift card and it's starting to fray and leave streaks) so hopefully they don't take forever to get here!


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