Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sinful Colors: Truth Or Lavendare & Zoya: Antoinette

First a shout out to my mom! Today's her birthday. ^_^ Happy Birthday, mom! I must be better than I thought because her favorite color is purple! I did it on purpose last year, but with everything else going on I totally didn't even think about it this year. Happy chance.

Starting with two coats of Truth Or Lavendare, one of the "new" Sinful Colors "chalkboard" polishes. I've still seen these around here and there if you haven't picked any up yet.

I really like the color on this one. Dried quickly and cleanup was super easy.

So far this is my favorite. Although I haven't tried the green one yet, so that may change... hehehe

I thought that Truth Or Lavendare and Antoinette were going to be closer in color, but apparently that was just the frosty bottle playing with me.

Also two coats and fast dry time, but Antoinette is a much more subdued, dusty kind of purple.

I'd say this one is definitely more work-friendly. Antoinette is from the NYFW set, though, so I don't think they're still available. Sorry.

Up next I'll have essence Don't Be Shy with some "Halloween" (you'll see) decals. Uhm... for those of you who missed my excitement, the Xbox One came in two days early! So Aaron has been playing the crap out of Syndicate. If asked he would tell you, "I know I'm on borrowed time" (yes, seriously, he said it to me so I know that's what he'd say), but I know he's enjoying it, too. He likes that they implemented the skill tree style leveling-up (like in Borderlands) and apparently they made it easier to get your assassin up and down the tall buildings. It looks really good, too. Got me even more excited for Fallout 4. Uhm..... I think that's it? I feel like I'm forgetting something. *shrugs* I dunno. If I remember, and it's important, I'll write it down for next time. Y'all take care. Stay safe, dry and warm. I'll see ya in a few days! (^_^)"/"


  1. Happy belated birthday, Lizzy's mom!

    Truth or Lavendare looks pretty, but ooohhh... Antoinette is beautiful! Why can't we Europeans order directly from Zoya? *shakes fist at Zoya*

    Hehe, just nine more days and Fallout 4 is released!! You better start scheduling posts so you can play non stop for weeks and we won't notice anything ;)

    1. hehehe She said, "aw... thank you?" XD

      Last I saw Zoya said they were working to make their site-shipping more widely available. They recently starting shipping to Canada and did say that they plan to expand shipping as much as possible. *fingers crossed*

      OMG Six days now! O_O And I've been terrible about posting lately anyway.... :( I do have pictures, though, so as soon as I have a moment I will get to that!


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