Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ILNP: Cameo

Even with the Xbox One very nearly within reach... when ILNP sends a 25% off "we miss you" code... I can't resist. I can't! It's ILNP! It's amazing ultra chromes! It's "omg if Fallout 4 wasn't coming out I would buy half my wishlist right now, but I can't so I'll just pick one".

This time I picked Cameo for the sorta hot pink main color. This is two coats over black. I didn't topcoat because I feel like I'm still going to possibly try some nail art. I did get a teeny dent from bumping into a cord after an hour, but I did apply it a little thicker than I probably should have... so if you're good at applying thin coats then it should dry a little faster for you.

Cameo is mostly this sorta hot pink and kind of an emerald green, but there is also some gold-orange in there as well. As with most of the ILNP ultra chromes there's no need for fancy light or weird angles to catch the color shifts.

See?! *dies* This is another one of those "take care not to stare at your nails while you're driving" polishes.


So lovely. ^_^ I'm not exactly thrilled by the change in bottle shape... I suppose the square bottles and new logo are more elegant than the old round bottles and logo, but... *ugh* Now my stash doesn't match! *grumbles* hehehe Ah well. Still a super fabulous polish.

Today is the 20th, and you know what that means... Don't forget to pick or skip your Julep Maven box! Since next month is my birthday (and I did already opt-in for the free sparkle topcoat) I decided to treat myself to all the matte metallics. Seriously hoping this batch is better than their previous "metallics"... They did nail the matte suedes, so I'm hopeful.

Oh, and Joyce! If you're looking for an amazeballs polish to break your no-buy: if you don't have it yet you simply must check out Mutagen here and here. A polish so impressive it will ruin you. In a good way. Honest!

Okay, time to run some errands and continue my pet-sitting duties. Up next I'm going to have a quick bornprettystore review (or a midnight release post) so... hang on to the edge of your seats? lol Y'all take care out there and I'll be back with something fun. (^_^)"/"


  1. OMG... Lizzy... Did you hear that thud? That was my jaw hitting the floor... And that dripping sound? Yep, drool... *doesn't that paint a charming picture in your mind?*
    Those ILNP multichromes are gorgeous. I don't have any of them YET but I suspect that will change pretty soon now that there is a local reseller so I won't have to worry about customs and shipping and I can refer anyone to that website if they wonder what to get me for my birthday (in December) :D

    1. Yay! *runs in for tacklehugs and slips in drool* >_> lol That's great you have a local reseller. *high fives* Definitely makes things easier. And cheaper. Good luck deciding which ones to get first! ;)

  2. ooh can't wait to hear what you think of the Julep polishes! I thought hard about them but passed

    1. I can't wait either. lol I'm a bit nervous...


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