Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Essence: Wild White Ways + Sinful Colors: Vivid A Try & Rays Of Bright

I know! I'm late. Sorry. It's been a tad stressful between being so close to getting the xbox one and my poor tablet crashing - then getting the black screen of death. >_< Not blue, which has never been that disastrous, but black which is a whole other pain. I had to dig out the recovery disks and rezero the darn thing. *sigh* At least it's working now and I will not be upgrading it to Windows 10 again. None of the fixes I found online work on tablets. *boo* Anyway, I'm here now and I have a whole three polishes to share with you! So let's get to 'em!

Starting with two careful coats (on account of the following neons) of essence Wild White Ways. The only thing that would make this polish better is if it had been a one-coater:

There's a little tip on the cap that says "Color Intensifying Base"... for people that don't realize that neons go over white? I've seen a few people who refuse to layer neons over white, but imo they're doing themselves a disservice. Be stubborn if you want, but the rare neon that can stand on it's own is a blessed exception and absolutely not the norm. *ahem* Moving on...

Up next is Sinful Colors Vivid A Try, the only actual neon in this exclusive "neon" line:

Two coats over Wild White Ways and it's actually pretty bright! If I remember correctly I did topcoat these because it was getting late.

It's not as bright as, say, Models Own Pink Punch; but much brighter than the rest in this collection.

Finally Sinful Colors Rays Of Bright, also two coats over essence:

Meh... As you can see I had a bit of a blow-out when I wrangled with a keychain. I did win, but it took a chunk with it. :P

Ah well. I'm working on something kinda cool with Catrice Planet Tokyo that I think will make up for that.

Now to grab some lunch and get back to money-making. I may need to do another e-money post since so many of the sites I've recommended in the past are changing their policies and making things so much harder. *ugh* We'll see. Anyway, off to feed myself. lol Y'all take care out there and have a great week! (^_^)"/"


  1. Usually I would feel a tiny bit sorry for myself when I see polishes that I can hardly get my hands on (or not at all) but in this case?
    Those Sinful Neon colors aren't bad but I'm seriously underwhelmed...
    It's a good thing you added that great white, that's one that I think I can get over here so it's on my shopping list already, just to check it out of course... I wouldn't put nail polish on a shopping list... you believe me, right? *looks all sweet and innocent*

    1. Oh yeah, I totally never put nail polish on a shopping list either. ;) That would just be insane, right? lol

      Sometimes being underwhelmed can be a good thing. Especially for hard to find stuff. :/

  2. Love Vivid A Try, but I don't like the yellowy one.

    1. Yeah... I wouldn't have even gotten it if it hadn't been so cheap. lol


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