Saturday, October 17, 2015

Catrice: Planet Tokyo + Franken-Lizzy

I'm sorry I've been so bad about keeping up with everyone's blogs. :( Fortunately I'm in the homestretch so hopefully things will start getting back to normal soon and I will have more time to peruse all of your lovely posts. In the meantime, here's a swatch of the absolutely gorgeous Catrice Planet Tokyo!

Two buttery smooth quick drying coats. I absolutely adore this color! Reminds me of the green boots I used to have.

Of course with Halloween fast approaching I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I dug out my essence nail art pen and got to work!

I've been wearing it like this for a few days. hehehe Then, I spotted this at HEB:

Of course I couldn't resist!

I was very pleasantly surprised with how this came out. ^_^

Spooky and cute. Of course all the makeup made the stickers unsticky, but I'm hanging onto them anyway. Figure I can stick them back on with eyelash glue.

Next post will be ILNP Cameo. I know, bad form posting new polishes with so many untried, but.... it's ILNP multichrome and I just gotta. Hope everybody is staying warm and/or dry depending on where you live. lol Autumn is a bit late to the party here, but we're starting to feel it so I'm sure everyone else is, too. Y'all take care out there and I swear I'll catch up eventually.... (^_^)"/"


  1. Love how you look, especially with the two different colored contacts, and the manicure is a perfect addition! Love it, love it, love it!!
    (and of course you have to post ILNP Cameo... us readers have to see it so we have some extra incentive to buy it, even if we're on sort of a no buy that can be overruled for really special and awesome polishes ;)

    1. Thank you so much! ^_^ It was a lot of fun and I'm super happy with how everything turned out.

      Oh, of course! Super awesome special polishes are always an exception. ;)


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