Monday, September 28, 2015

Zoya: Constance VS Illamasqua: Kink

Hey, everybody! Almost back to 100%; just a bit of an itchy nose for the most part. Wasn't feeling so hot when I wore Constance (one of the LE NYFW polishes), so... I sincerely apologize for this picture not being in focus...

As you can see... I could barely see. lol You can see the color, though! Two coats, dried relatively quickly. The formula was a bit thick (but not gloopy) so it did take a little while to fully dry all the way through.

There ya go. I decided to go ahead and compare this is the semi-matte Illamasqua Kink. Bottle shot:

Now... looking over my original post, apparently I didn't have any trouble with Kink the last time I wore her, but this time...

Hrm. Anyway, you can see that Kink is a slightly brighter green than Constance. Not quite dupes, but very very close.

Let's see... still have to review those razors before I run out of time. Also have essence Rock My World! swatched and ready to go. I have been overly indecisive about my polishes lately. Have a whole row of (17) polishes I haven't worn yet, but then I scroll through my collection page and think "ooh pretty... ooh pretty... OH! PRETTY!" LOL Oh crud... it's getting late. Gotta go feed the kitties. So, yeah, hope everyone had a fantastic September and (unless you follow my Instagram) I will see you next month! (^_^)"/"


  1. Oohh... now I don't feel so sad I can't get those special satin polishes since I have Kink as well.
    I only hope mine behaves a bit better than yours after months of neglecting the poor thing ;)

    1. I hope it does. The first time I wore her I didn't have any problems. :/ It might be an atmospheric thing? *shrugs* I'll get to the other two soon; hopefully you have close-enough colors for those as well!

  2. I really like this one. The colour is beautiful and the finish is so pretty!

    1. Here's hoping the other two are just as pretty! I should have saved the green for last. lol


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