Friday, September 11, 2015

Sinful Colors:Blue Sensation & V.I.Peach

Almost forgot to post today. Did forget to pick up cat food and had to go back out. One of those days. I do have two lovely polishes to share, so hopefully that will get me back on track.

Starting with two coats of Sinful Colors Blue Sensation:

Gorgeous blue with kind of a matted shimmer finish. The only reason I got this was because of the 3D Glitter sticker which made me think "ooooh texture or holo!" and it was neither, so... there's that...?

Still, it's pretty and dried quickly so I'm not too disappointed with it. Just a little confused.

I also have two coats of V.I.Peach.

I quite like it... for a yellow. It's a nice shade and, of course, that matte finish.

Currently wearing Color Club Antiquated. I thought I'd wear this 'til it's time to get ready for Beardlam, but it looks like I have one more post to do before we leave. I'll think of something. lol Hope everyone is well. Stay safe and I will see you soon. (^_^)"/"


  1. OOH I love the blue! But yeah, 3D glitter? O_o Not so much. Yanno yellow polish is growing on me. I like it more than I thought I would and more than I first got on the polish crazy train. I ESPECIALLY love neon retina searing yellows!

    1. Well, of course NEON yellow! XD I'm finding that myself, as well. More and more yellows I like. I still steer clear of the shimmery basic yellows, but it's nice finding shades I like. :)

  2. Love the first shade. At the moment love metallics :)

  3. How come this post has been hiding from me ALL WEEK? :(
    Anyway, that blue almost looks like a suede... and I love those, so that one found a spot on my wishlist.
    The yellow... hmmmm... not too bad, but... yellow!

    1. It is kind of suede-y! ^_^ Yeah, yellow... Still not one of my favorites. lol


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