Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sinful Colors: Bright To The Point & Bright B4 Ur Eyes

Okay darlings, let's get this show on the road!

Today I have the two pinks from the Walgreens exclusive "neon" collection and we're going to start with what I thought would be the lighter of the two (judging by the wrapper colors) Bright To The Point:

Two coats over white. No formula problems, though I did have a lot of bubbling. This happened with both polishes, though, so I'm blaming it on my haste and my basecoat.

Bright To The Point is kinda bright. Sorta almost neon if you don't like the eye-searing variety.

I paired this with Models Own Hot Pink. Another sorta kinda neon pink.

Sorta close on this one. I can't call them dupes because they did look more different than that in real life, but close.

Next is the very confusing Bright B4 Ur Eyes which should have been darker than Bright To The Point, but...

Uhm... what? Again, two coats over white.

It's easy to think I got the bottles confused (I questioned myself twice since I started typing), but I double checked the bottles and I know this is right because the polish color in the bottle looks closer to my comparison color:

I chose Hello Kitty Pink Wink (omg go check out that mani! hehehe) because that's what it looked like it was going to be!

And I know I was very careful to keep the comparison bottles with their respective SC bottles. So, honestly, I don't know wtf.

Okay, so coming up next will be another #SBBNailChallenge post (that I really hope is okay...) followed by some layering fun. Then, likely, back to swatches because it looks like my Zoya package is already in Texas! *squee!* That'll help break up the mess of SCs I still have. Sounds legit, right? hehehe Okay, that's it for me. Hope everyone has a fantastic September! (^_^)"/"


  1. Neon? Those?? They must have weird glasses over at Sinful HQ ;)
    I'm already starting to look at the darker, autumn-y colors... so my entire collection of neons (all five of them ;) get to hibernate until a really sunny day :)

    1. hehehe I rarely bother with "seasonally appropriate". Sometimes the best way to perk up on a grey winter day is with some super bright nails! ^_^

    2. True... so I won't put them in winter storage yet *hmmmm... dark green nails with tiny neon green dots...starts searching for polishes*

    3. Yay! hehehehe That sounds like an amazing combination. :D


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