Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sinful Colors: Shamrockin' + #SBBNailChallenge - 22 - Accent Nail

omg You guys. My nails are getting to the point where it hurts to type, but wouldn't ya know it? Broke as hell and out of polish remover so I'm going to have to deal and hope my mani (which I still have to get pics of) holds out just a little bit longer.

So I've been working on this "accent nail" prompt for a while and have had just the hardest time. Finally I came up with this simplified mani that also serves to showcase Sinful Colors Shamrockin' finally:

Shamrockin' is a simple, yet cool, white and light green glitter with some white "flowers"/"shamrocks" thrown in. I did fish out that one flower, but it was on the neck so it would have come out next anyway. This is two coats of Shamrockin' plus topcoat. For the base colors I used a couple of essence favorites: Riot Grrr-een and Riot @ *heart* as my accent.

To justify this particular "ka-chick" I'm going to share a more detailed accent mani that... wasn't an entire fail, but wasn't quite a win either:

I had to wear Butter London Slapper (which looks more color accurate above than it did in my original post) and then went crazy trying to turn the stamping into the accent. Started with some full-nail geometric lines in essence Inkheart and Konad Special White; topped off with some Sanrio characters in Konad Special White and essence Groupie At Heart which worked surprisingly well! Just that some of the characters had a lot of stamped area and took longer to dry than I anticipated so I got a lot of drag with the topcoat... *sigh* Try imagining it pristine. It would've been a total win. lol

That is all for now. I have another SC swatch coming up and since I just got my Sailor Moon plate in I've played around with that. I may tack it onto the SC post. Depends on the polish remover situation. lol I've also been trying out some moisturizers I found while cleaning my mom's room. Did I say that already? It's so hot I feel like my memory is melting. Hope everyone is staying cool this summer. Love you guys! (^_^)"/"


  1. They stopped selling sinful colors in here :(. Nice manicure.

  2. The stamping looks cute but I totally love the first manicure with the double accent, not just the color but the flower glitter as well :)

    1. hehehe Thanks! ^_^ I figured since I had to kind of fish out the flower I may as well stick it on the accent. lol


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