Monday, August 3, 2015

Ms Sparkle: Luna

Hey, everybody! Yes, I finally got around to wearing Luna. I didn't get any of the special moon and star glitters onto my nails (yep, more for later), but it is still a wicked amazing polish without them:

This is one coat over black. Dried really quickly. The glitters and flakie shreds spread themselves out really nicely.

Here's a look at the moons and stars hiding out in my bottle:

Okay, I know that's pretty awful so I really must insist that you pop over to Manis & Makeovers to see her swatches. Much much prettier! Is it any surprise I fell in love? I will wear Luna and Artemis again when my new plate comes in so hopefully I can do a better job of capturing both of their prettiness at that time.

After so many requests and suggestions I had to try out Nabi Metallic Emerald for stamping:

Sorry about the flash... it seems like it worked pretty well. Considering that image is in the middle of a ton of others so I always have to scrape away some polish before stamping... if her foot looks wonky that's probably my fault.

Today is facial day! I have a ton of face products laying around so I'm trying to make an effort to actually use them. In the spirit of pretty faces... I have to share this pic with you. I'm not sharing it elsewhere (it's a blog exclusive!) because I do look a bit odd, but... I'm also happy because (at this angle, at least) there's no trace of double-chin!

So that happened. ^_^

I have some nail related hits and misses which will be coming up. Next, though, I'm going to try to type up a lippie post so I can get these bizarre "I'm looking directly up and the camera is oddly angled" pics out of my folder. lol Hope everyone is having a great week/month so far. Take care of yourselves and I will see you soon! (^_^)"/"


  1. Yaaaay you got it!!! Looks gorgeous on you. If I were you, I'd store the bottle upside down, so next time you'll get the stars and moons out easily ;)
    And your face is beautiful. Really digging your eye shadow!

    1. aw *blushes* Thank you! And thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to do that. ^_^

  2. Ooh, that's nice! It reminds me a bit of Illamasqua Perseid but that one was a total nightmare to apply...
    In addition to the storing upside down tip, I wanted to suggest to NOT store it upside down all the time but to put it upside down about ten minutes (maybe a bit longer if the polish is really thick) before using it. That way the larger glitters can sink so you can get them easily but the polish won't be able to leak in the cap (been there, done that, got the t-shirt ;)


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